Video: Aboriginal v. Samoan tension over bashing death

27 Oct 2008
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Videos here, here and here.

3 News in NZ reports that 9 people have now been charged over the bashing death of Richard Saunders, uncle of rugby league star Johnathan Thurston. It also reports longstanding and heightened racial tensions between Aboriginals and Samoans/Islanders. One Aboriginal said "These bashings are going on all over Brisbane. Just this morning on the bus a young Aboriginal woman was spat in the face by a Samoan or New Zealander, whichever ones they are. What are they? They're all the same to us. Aboriginal people here are being bashed and murdered in this country, in their own country, they're getting bravery awards ... for killing Aboriginal people". Police recovered a machete and metal bar near the attack and more suspects are being questioned. The 9 arrested are aged between 15 and 24.

Yet another victim of the failed diversity experiment. The Courier Mail and Australian also report ethnic tensions, fear of gang violence, Islanders yelling abuse at the court house, along with continued police denial.

Richard Saunders' uncle, Wayne Saunders, said:
"The Aboriginal people here are being bashed and killed (by Pacific Islanders) all the time," Wayne Saunders said.

"It has got to the stage we are too afraid to leave our houses at night.

"This is our country and we are no longer safe because of these people. We should send them home."
All nine charged males are believed to be of Pacific Islander descent and have been charged with murder.

Update: more than 100 Aborigines gathered outside Beenleigh court and warned of revenge attacks. Wayne Saunders also called on Aboriginal elders to cut ties with Pacific Islands communities.

More on this story in part2.

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