'Australian Taleban' fully free

21 December 2008

Yep, David Hicks is now free, with police lifting their strict controls on him.

But reforming David seems to be difficult. He seems to be a bubble boy with infinite regression triggers. Which sounds a lot like the Islamic world in response to attempts to reform it.

Shots fired during fight in Sydney's west, Merrylands


Two boys walking to a party get into an altercation with a group of men in a car. The car returns and fires a gun into the air.

That's life in Merrylands.

Flem Boyz accused of 16 crimes in one month

December 01, 2008
Herald Sun
The report claims young African offenders from the Flemington and Ascot Vale housing commission flats are suspected of committing 16 assaults, street robberies, glassings and aggravated burglaries in just over a month.

Carjacking fails in Windsor, Melbourne

December 20, 2008
Herald Sun

A Porsche driver was boxed in by two cars at the corner of Dandenong and Williams roads. Four men having "dark complexions" wanted.

Sydney terrorism jurers followed by woman in headscarf

December 19, 2008
The Australian
... a woman wearing a head scarf, who had been seated in the public gallery of the court, seemed to be taking notes when one juror drove off.

Video: police shoot knife-wielding woman in Parramatta

December 21, 2008
Videos: Ninemsn and ABC News.

It's hard to make out but it looks like someone of African appearance is involved. Yahoo 7 video says he is a heavyweight boxer and the woman is mentally ill.

Teens in court over violent Perth robbery

December 17, 2008

Video: Yahoo News (no direct link)
"How can they punch a woman in the face for no reason and smash bottles on her – can you imagine what else these kids could do?" he said.
No descriptions but the video shows the grandmother of one accused is a vocal Aboriginal with flying handbag. The victim is Cheryl Harper.

Video: disturbing trend of racism in Dandenong

Dec 16, 2008
ABC News
A report from the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission says Dandenong's Sudanese community is experiencing a disturbing amount of racism.

Men, women clash on Sydney street

December 17, 2008

If you think the title is uninformative, the article doesn't get much better.
Daily Telegraph
POLICE have appealed for information after a man was stabbed in the heart in Sydney's north-west last month.

A group of 10 people were walking along Evans Road, Glenhaven, at about 1.30am (AEDT) on November 1 when they were allegedly confronted by several men and three women.
Hills News sheds some light
AN Annangrove youth, 18, is in intensive care after being stabbed in the chest during a brawl on Evans Road, Glenhaven, on Friday ...

The offender is of Middle Eastern appearance, about 18, 185-190cm tall, with a solid build and short brown hair.
The stories vary a bit. NSW Police has more info. Hills News says the fight was over a Halloween prank.

Video: art imitates deadly life in new Australian film

December 17, 2008
Daily Telegraph
SCENES from a new film depicting the cycle of knife and gun violence of some Lebanese-Australian teens were filmed in a restaurant where a man was murdered this week ...
Parramatta Sun
... Parramatta's Lebanese-born Lord Mayor Tony Issa, one of those who attended a preview of The Combination at the theatrette in State Parliament House on November25, says the film is an accurate portrayal of life in parts of western Sydney ...

The film's subject matter is raw, particularly where the racial tension between the Lebanese and Asian schoolboys and their ''Aussie'' counterparts rears its head ...

The essence of The Combination is encapsulated in Mr Basha's own words: "A world away, streets apart."
But I thought alcohol was to blame for all violence? I'm so confused ...

Video: doctor found guilty of botched UK bomb plots

17 Dec 2008
ABC News video
An Iraqi doctor has been convicted of a plot to commit "wholesale" murder by carrying out bomb attacks last year outside a nightclub in central London and at a packed Scottish airport a day later.

Video: murder on the dance floor

Dec 14, 2008

(Nothing to do with Sophie Ellis Bextor) ... Mohamad Omar of Punchbowl, was stabbed to death at the Beirut By Night restaurant at Homebush in Western Sydney. Guns were pulled. Probably a fight over a girl. Riot police called. Westmead Hospital emergency entrance blocked by dozens of mourners.

Below is the Yahoo 7 video. The presenter made sure that alcohol is the first thing that's blamed. Yep, always and everywhere, it's alcohol. Nothing to do with a militant culture.

And whilst Ambulance officers confirmed they were delayed by the crowd, a NSW Ambulance spokeswoman said there was no interference. Yep, the Middle Easterner/Muslim can never be criticised, nowhere and neverywhere.

Thanks to the squawking of these PC parrots, Middle Easterners/Muslims will never be criticised and are doomed to repeat the same errors, time and again.

Teen girl raped by gang of five in Jamberoo fun park

December 13, 2008
Daily Telegraph
Police sources said both alleged offenders were of Middle Eastern descent and attended a high school in Sydney's Western Suburbs.
Brought to you by Hilali, Feiz Mohammad, and the merry bunch of misogynists.

Lone Sydney motorist robbed at gunpoint

December 14, 2008
NSW Police

Five men of African appearance wanted for brazen robbery at gunpoint of man in car in broad daylight, Prospect, Western Sydney (near Blacktown).

Five arrests made over 'racially motivated' attack

December 11, 2008
Herald Sun
Indian Impex grocery store in Sunshine attacked by a group. Man in coma. Five arrested. Indian owner said it is racially motivated.

Sukhraj Singh's family spoke out as Indian community leaders claimed racist attacks had become so widespread they feared leaving their homes... police admitted Indians had long been over-represented in robbery statistics.
No descriptions except one man is still wanted, described as Caucasian.

Whites are over-represented as victims of violent crime in the UK and US. If the same thing is happening here do you think the police would admit it as they have done for Indian robberies? Not likely.

The police only offered up some truth after the Indians made stinging criticism including "They should have called on God, not the police. God might have come more quickly".

The Indians, like the Chinese, are fast learning that Australia is not safe for anyone.

Man stabbed to death in Homebush nightclub

14 Dec 2008

24-year-old Punchbowl man stabbed to death in nightclub on Parramatta Rd, Homebush in Western Sydney. No descriptions.

Video: Bass Hill residents say they will sell up

12 Dec 2008
ABC News video.

Residents of Sydney's Bass Hill say they will sell up to avoid living near an Islamic school, approved this week by the Land and Environment Court.

What's wrong with these pictures?

Dec 12, 2008
Angry knife wielding teen takes on police. And the paper calmly advertises Grand Theft Auto video game with the scowling perp as role model for kids.

Teen rampage inspired by GTA video game. Yet paper calmly advertises the accused game with scowling perp as role model for kids. The GTA picture is a genuine advertisement, it is not there to illustrate the article.

See also:

Teens bring Grand Theft Auto to life on crime rampage
Atlanta: teen blames GTA for firebombings
Detroit Prosecutor: Videogames Are 'Big Indicator Of Crime'
New York Police Union wants video game pulled
Teen killed driver to buy game - police

Three men wanted over Lithgow jail drug syndicate

Dec 11, 2008
Live News (with photo)
Warrants have been issued for the arrests of 30-year-old Mohammed Hamze of Merrylands, 31-year-old Ahmad Diab of Glebe, and 28-year-old Auburn resident Monzer El-Husseini.

Video: imported dog treat pulled off shelves

09 Dec 2008
ABC News video.

Kramar Pet Company stopped importing the treat from China due to an outbreak of dog sickness here in Oz.

Video: bill of rights debate reignited

10 Dec 2008
ABC News video.

Janet Albrechtsen and Tony Abbott are concerned. Abbott:
Proponents ask: who could be against rights? In fact, everyone who believes in the role of parliament should be against allowing judges to invent new rights. Bills of rights are left-wing tricks to allow judges to change society in ways a parliament would never dare. Even the British Labour Government is now having second thoughts with the Home Secretary saying that rights legislation has become a “villain’s charter”.

Video: Rudd gives Indonesian schools funding boost

11 Dec 2008
ABC News video.

Education versus the Koran. If I was a betting man, my money would be on the Koran in the long-term as the better predictor of Muslim behaviour. Without some concurrent Islamic reformation (mission impossible), it's probably money down the drain.

Video: ICAC hears Ku-ring-gai council inquiry

December 11, 2008
Daily Telegraph
But far from being a bribe, developer Diana Huang called it a traditional Chinese custom.
But, Your Honour, I didn't know what Pavolva was, nor Waltzing Matilda, nor Don Bradman: how was I expected to know the laws and customs too?

Go see the video. The council employee gets more than her wallet massaged.

Dissatisfaction with immigration grows in Vic.

Swinburne University
People and Place Journal
Volume 16, Issue 3 (2008)
Katharine Betts
Immigration has increased considerably since the late 1990s and between 2004 and 2007 the proportion of voters who want the intake to be reduced rose from 34 per cent to 46 per cent. While support for a reduction was highest in New South Wales, this support was already high in 2004. In relative terms support for a reduction rose most strongly in Victoria. This may be because, over the four-year period, Melbourne absorbed a greater proportion of Australia’s population growth than any other region. Despite growing electoral disquiet, the new Labor Government is increasing the immigration program to record levels. (Abstract)
Swinburne Uni Research News
From a conventional economic perspective these years were rosy, so it is unusual to see support for immigration decline so steeply in such circumstances. According to Betts’ “one possibility is that the immediate negative consequences of rapid population growth became evident to more people: rising house prices and rents, pressure to increase residential densities in previously low-density suburbs, increased congestion on the roads, pressure on hospitals and health services and overcrowding on public transport.”

These changes were felt most in Victoria: “This may be because, over the four-year period, Melbourne absorbed a greater proportion of Australia’s population growth than any other region,” said Betts.

Despite this growing electoral disquiet, the new Labor Government is increasing the immigration program to record levels. The total planned permanent intake for 2008-2009 stands at 203,800.

According to Betts’ report, the demographic trajectory that the new Government has committed itself to has minimal electoral support. “Urban congestion and declining housing affordability suggest that the disjunction between this policy and popular feeling may not be easy to ignore over the long term."
Apart from congestion, other explanations probably don't pass the PC filter to get a mention by Betts. Like, as the amount and degree of diversity increases, so does the backlash. Isn't that what Professor Putnam found? It could just be Melbourne catching up to Sydney.

Melbourne's African intake has increased in recent years. Would that rate a mention by Betts? 40 percent of Australians believe that certain ethnic groups do not belong here (Middle Easterners and Africans rating high). Wouldn't it make sense that if you have more African immigrants then you might also have more of a backlash? You'd have to pay $16 to find out if Betts mentions this, but I'd say it's unlikely.

Nope, humans, according to much of academia, only concern themselves with economics and infrastructure. Racial solidarity, linguistic cohesion, crime, culture, and religion are all capable of "disjunction between this policy and popular feeling" but they don't pass the PC filter to rate a mention. Such is the socially vacuous state of our PC filtered universities.

H/T: Eye on Immigration

Norway: deconstructing the majority

10 Dec 2008
Here is a revealing interview ... with the leading academic Multiculturalist in my country, Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University in Oslo, who has received millions in government funding for his projects and is something of a national celebrity ... He says point blank that in his view the most important thing to do right now is to "deconstruct the majority [population] so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again." End of quote. And this is the agenda of the Multiculturalists in all Western nations. Make no mistake about it...
The birds aren't the only thing that will scatter.

Video: giant Islamic centre for Liverpool

December 10, 2008

Ninemsn video: residents of Liverpool have raised concerns about a planned Muslim development by a group with a history of extremist views. More here, here and video of charming Feiz here.

Sydney Morning Herald:
Opposition education spokesman Andrew Stoner said the government must cast a close eye over the school and what it may teach.
And so diversity morphs into the security state. It can't last.

Video: man stabbed with kebab skewer

Dec 10, 2008

Yahoo 7 video of man stabbed with skewer by Middle Easterner. Police officer parrots the usual line about blaming alcohol. Also ABC video.

Father thrown through glass door in Merrylands

December 10, 2008
Daily Telegraph

Father leaves son on main street of Merrylands in south west Sydney. Returns to break up a fight. Gets thrown through a glass door. Six men of no particular appearance wanted.

Penrith man stabbed with kebab skewer

December 10, 2008
Daily Telegraph

Sunday 31 August a 29-year-old Penrith man named Michael was stabbed with a skewer at Kings Cross. Middle Eastern man wanted.

EU moving into full scale anti-racist totalitarianism

December 08, 2008
Lawrence Auster
According to the French website Bivouac-Id ...
Racism, inciting to hatred, justification, negation or trivialization of genocidal crimes will soon be punishable by one to three-year prison terms throughout the European Union, the European Commission announced today Friday (November 28)...

"Racism and xenophobia do not have a place in Europe and should not exist anywhere in the world."
Since what the EU controllers call racism and xenophobia are normal human phenomena that exist wherever human beings exist, and since what the EU controllers really mean by racism and xenophobia is the racism and xenophobia of whites, and since what they ultimately mean by the racism and xenophobia of whites is any impulse by whites to resist their extinction as peoples and nations by the EU and its partner Islam, to declare that racism and xenophobia have no place in Europe and should not exist anywhere in the world, and that they will be accordingly stamped out by imprisoning people who exhibit these attitudes, is the language of totalitarianism and genocide, aimed at the silencing and extinction of white Europe. The phrase echoes Nazis saying that Jews have no place in Europe and should not exist anywhere in the world.

Sydney couple may have bombed over 25 ATMs

Live News
They allegedly stole cars and explosives, then on Saturday night in Brisbane, police say Housam El-Afchal and wife Alison blew up an ATM.

The Bass Hill couple were arrested at their hotel room, their two children by their side.

300 babies in SA exposed to tuberculosis

Live News
A foreign doctor at Adelaide's Women's and Children's Hospital has tested positive for tuberculosis (TB), putting up to 300 babies at risk.
Yahoo News
Immigration Department official Sandi Logan says the doctor had a medical examination and chest x-ray in India by an approved doctor before coming to Australia and the results were clear.

10 drive-by shootings in 10 days in Sydney

Here's a gallery of the Dec 8th shootings (was this in remembrance of the Cronulla riot of Dec 11th 2005?). Most of them are in western Sydney. I don't even know if I got all the shootings.

08 Dec 2008: house in Thomas Kelly Cres, Lalor Park (who puts a drive-by scarecrow in their window??)

08 Dec 2008: Collette Crescent, Kings Langley.

08 Dec 2008: Yvonne Street in Seven Hills.

08 Dec 2008: a man was shot in the stomach outside Taste of Tuscany pizza restaurant, corner of Coleman Avenue and Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford.

04 Dec 2008: house in Magowar Road, Giraween

04 Dec 2008: house in Knightsbridge Avenue, Glenwood

02 Dec 2008: Gypsy Joker bikie shot off Harley with girl passenger on the Great Western Highway, Wentworthville, near Mays Hill

02 Dec 2008: house in Beatrice St, Bass Hill

02 Dec 2008: tattoo parlor on Burwood Road, Belmore.

30 Nov 2008: A MAN was shot in the head, body and arm when the car he was in was hit by 12 bullets during a drive-by shooting ... on the busy Prospect Highway at Seven Hills.

And still they dig the social capital crisis deeper. Ever deeper.

'Bribe' parents named in Westmead Public School case

December 09, 2008
An ICAC hearing in Sydney today was told that Xiaodong Lu or Qinghia Pei allegedly gave the money to Ms Pearce to help their Year Five son get into Baulkham Hills High School.
Well if they don't know about Don Bradman, Pavlova, or Waltzing Matilda then do you think they'll know or care about our laws?

Iraqis rally in Auburn?

Dec 6, 2008

A friend who was driving through Auburn in Sydney today said traffic was held up by a group walking along the road through the town centre waving what looked to be Iraq flags along with signs in Arabic and ranting also in Arabic on a loud hailer. Women in headscarfs among the rally. No police to be found.

I guess it won't be long before Auburn looks like this.

1997: the murder of rising sports star Jason Burton

November 10 2002
Sydney Morning Herald
The knife which pierced the young water skier's heart was thrust at him with such ferocity ... that the impact fractured his ribs ... outside the General Bourke Hotel at Parramatta ... was apparently sparked by a meaningless dispute at the bar...

Jason Burton had been on the verge of winning a world championship in 1993 but was injured, Mr Burton said afterwards.
Emad Sleiman, convicted of Jason Burton's murder, is also in Lithgow prison.

Prisoners convert to Islam in escape plot

April 24, 2007
Whilst searching on today's alleged drug ring run from Lithgow prison, I found this article from Jihad Watch ...
One of Australia's most dangerous criminals paid fellow inmates to convert to Islam as a prelude to planning an audacious escape from the country's toughest jail, it was alleged yesterday.

Convicted murderer Bassam Hamzy arranged for cash payments to be secretly made to prisoners prepared to worship Allah and help him plot an escape from the Super Max section of Goulburn jail in New South Wales...

In what prison authorities described as a "pay to pray" conspiracy, 12 of the 37 inmates at the Super Max facility became Muslim fundamentalists or converts...

Hamzy has been moved to a prison in Lithgow, west of Sydney.
See also: Jailbreak jihadists sue over cell time.

Video: man jailed 17 years for killing cabbie

Dec 03, 3008
Videos here, here and here.
The Australian
Eyyub Bayram Zaim, 23, of Broadmeadows, was found guilty of murdering Rajneesh Joga, 27, as he tried to force him from his taxi on August 8, 2006.

Video: Drug ring 'ran from prison', 7 arrested

04 Dec 2008
Videos here and here.
NSW Police
Middle Eastern Crime Squad officers today launched a series of dawn raids across Sydney and Melbourne arresting seven men allegedly involved in trafficking $250,000 cocaine, ice and cannabis across State lines every week.

And the alleged mastermind ran the drug operation from his prison cell.

The inmate, who will be charged tomorrow, cannot be identified but is currently being held in a NSW maximum security facility.
Nine News identified him. SMH says 19,000 phone calls (460 per day) were made in Arabic from Lithgow "maximum security" prison.

Update, the Daily Telegraph names him: Bassam Hamzy.

Islamic college next to church a 'slap in the face'

Dec 4th, 2008
A GOLD Coast Christian centre is outraged at the prospect of an Islamic college being built next door to it at Carrara. Dream Centre minister Tony Doherty said ... an Islamic college next door to a Christian church was a 'slap in the face'... "Would you put the Labor and Liberal party offices right next door to one another?"
Sydney Morning Herald
But he denies a protest movement to have the college banned is based on
religious grounds ... "That's not good commonsense and town planning. Would you put the Titans (rugby league club) right next to the Broncos? ..."
Liberal v Labor. Titans v Broncos. Slap in the face. His message is: Christians and Muslims are inherently antagonistic and will naturally conflict. How so? He doesn't say. Apparently we should all know because it's "commonsense".

So for some vague, but commonsense, reason he favours segregation of inherently antagonistic Christian and Muslim groups. The proximity of Muslims and Christians results in an inevitable slap in the face. So Tony Doherty is proposing a "no slapping" regulation in the town planning laws.

What a ringing endorsement for diversity, free speech, and dialogue (and pathetically impotent defence of realm) that a Christian minister, when confronted with diversity head on, can only utter the unreasoned sentiment: get out of my face.

See also: Meet the children they fear

Who is fit to tour Australia?

22 Nov 08
News Weekly
Communist China's chief political enforcer, who also stands accused of being its pre-eminent exterminator, has been touring Australia.

The little-known Zhou Yongkang has taken the unusual but ominous step of visiting Australia unannounced on what was in all likelihood a fact-finding trip directly linked to his repressive policing duties.

The highly unusual visit sparked protests and questions about why someone with such a murderous record was permitted to enter Australia.
The West Australian
Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has called for the federal government to reject the visa application of British white supremacist leader Nick Griffin ...

Mr Baillieu said he had written to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Immigration Minister Chris Evans calling on them to reject any application by Mr Griffin to come to Australia.

Mr Griffin openly seeks to undermine cultural, religious and racial harmony,” Mr Baillieu said.
The Rudd Government must refuse entry to convicted racist
The Hon Dr Sharman Stone MP
Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship
The Federal Opposition is urgently calling on the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Evans, to refuse any further visa application from British national, Nick Griffin.

Mr Griffin is well known for his deeply racist views and public statements that amount to religious and racial vilification.

He was convicted of inciting racial hatred in Britain in 1998, and soon after was refused entry into Australia by the then Coalition Government.

“It seems however, that the Rudd Government has refused Mr Griffin’s electronic visa application, but the Immigration Department has now invited him to submit a formal application in writing.

Dr Sharman Stone, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship has stated that: “Given his past criminal conviction, and the fact that Mr Griffin has been sponsored by the Australian Protectionist Party to visit Australia on a lecture tour promoting his racist views, he should quite simply and categorically be denied entry into the country.”

Mr Griffin’s views are abhorrent and totally unacceptable in a tolerant and peace loving society like ours. “ Dr Stone said.

“Minister Evans must act swiftly and decisively, making it clear that no Australian government will ever welcome or tolerate people like Mr Griffin.”

“Mr Griffin is not wanted in Australia and I call on Minister Evans to instruct his department that he will not approve of any visa application from him, no matter what its format, or form,” Dr Stone said.
Have Baillieu and Stone condemned China's "Heinrich Himmler" who, rather than seeking to "undermine ... harmony", allegedly already has a body count on his resume? Not likely.

So why not? How does the high moral ground of tolerance morph into kissing the posterior of murderers? Economic interests? Blind spot for third worlders who just need some time to see the light? Who knows.

But perhaps the message we get from this inconsistency is that, behind the gleaming smiles of the new moral order of tolerance, lurks a morality of convenience that will run away when put to the test. A moral order lacking in a definable identity and the social cohesion necessary to defend "a tolerant and peace loving society like ours". A moral order still vacuously defined only in terms of what it isn't (Nazi), so that it is unable to defend itself.

Lawrence Auster
... there's yet a further parallel between Germany and America in the thinking of liberals and leftists that makes them want to destroy both of those countries. As Otto Frank put it at the end of the World War II (in which his entire family had been murdered), what was wrong with Nazism was its "intolerance." But, as I've written previously, if mere "intolerance," rather than dehumanizing murderous brutality, is what defines the ultimate evil at the core of Nazism, then "intolerance" is a terrible threat to humanity and must be eliminated everywhere. Intolerance, unlike Nazism, exists in all countries. Wherever there is a distinct national identity, for example, there is implicitly a lack of tolerance for other national identities in the same territory. Therefore America, which has a strong national identity, is as threatening to the human good as German national identity, and therefore the American nation has to be eliminated along with the German one.
H/T: Eye on Immigration

Carrara protests Islamic school

December 2, 2008
ANGRY Gold Coast residents say a planned Islamic school at Carrara could turn the area into a ghetto capable of breeding terrorists.

Nearly 200 residents armed with Australian flags and placards marched on council chambers yesterday to voice their fears about The Australian International Islamic College...

From 4pm the residents gathered in the Evandale parklands where a PA system blasted Men At Work's Land Down Under and Icehouse's Great Southern Land
The Australian
A rally last week attracted about 400 people, while people turned out yesterday carrying placards bearing slogans such as "no Muslim school, hell no" and "integration, not segregation"...

"Since we have started protesting against this our churches have been covered in hate-filled graffiti."
Nov 24th, 2008
Mayor Ron Clarke said that providing the school met planning requirements there should be no reason why it should not go ahead...

"I've been to the Muslim temples and they practise religion the same as anybody else does.
Nov 22nd, 2008
Residents are also worried property values in the neighbourhood could decrease if a 'non-integrative' Muslim community is allowed to grow...

"If you look at the other areas in the world where this has happened, it starts with the school then comes the mosque and then they start going in a buying all the houses and failing businesses and then you find it becomes a Muslim neighbourhood and I, along with a lot of the other residents in this area don't want to live in a community like that.
No land rights. No compensation for devalued homes. Why won't the problems of overseas Muslims repeat themselves here? Why is Australia so different? Does Australia have a special power? Apparently so, because Ron Clarke has been to the Muslim temples and seen they are "the same as anybody else". We'll hold you to those words Ron Clarke.

We've already had local Muslims students urinating on Bibles and being taught that non-Muslims are 'evil ... sewers', a Perth Islamic school on fraud charges, Granville Middle-Eastern students glorifying gang rapists, Muslim students stabbing pictures of Christ, and schools teaching positive descriptions of terrorist groups. But we trust your judgement Ron, you've seen it first hand, after all.

Video: the fatal flaw of immigration policy

December 02, 2008
Daily Telegraph

That ought to be the title of this news article. Instead, we get: The fatal flaw of DIY driving lessons. Video here and longer one here.
PEOPLE teaching friends or their children to drive may one day need a special permit if recommendations by a crash investigator are adopted.

Terrifying footage of a car driven by a learner driver crashing into pedestrians on a suburban street was yesterday played to an inquest into the death of young fashion student Emma Hansen.

The shocking CCTV images showed a red Toyota driven by Sudanese refugee Rose Deng ploughing into Ms Hansen's friend Portia Parkhill.
Did we have a general problem with learner drivers before this incident? Not to my knowledge. So shouldn't the correct response be to question either (a) African/refugee intake, or (b) African/refugee suitability to hold a drivers licence, or (c) special conditions for training African/refugee drivers? No, the answer is (d) none of the above - political correctness prevents any action targeting particular groups of people, regardless of any real data suggesting a particular problem. You might say our immigration and road safety policies (and this whole liberal trip) are driving blind.