Video: London Gangs - UK

March 2008
Over 190 different gangs are engaged in battles across London's poorest areas. And the gang members are getting increasingly younger. Why is a highly developed country losing control of its youth?
Most of the victims and perpetrators are black. So why invite this same trouble here with African immigration?

Robert Spencer: Turkey's Dilemma

July 31, 2008
The Turkish court has good reason to suspect that the AKP is working to undermine Turkish secularism and impose Islamic law over the country. According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), while Mayor of Istanbul in the 1990s (and a prominent member of the Welfare Party), Turkey’s current Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan railed against Turkish secularism. “If the people want it,” he declared, “of course secularism will go away. You cannot rule this people by force; you don't have the power to do that. This [i.e. secularism] cannot work in spite of the people.” And the people, he suggested, wanted Islamic law: “But the fact is that 99% of the people of this country are Muslims. You cannot be both secular and a Muslim! You will either be a Muslim, or secular!...For them to exist together is not a possibility! Therefore, it is not possible for a person who says ‘I am a Muslim’ to go on and say ‘I am secular too.’ And why is that? Because Allah, the creator of the Muslim, has absolute power and rule!”

His saying that Allah “has absolute power and rule” was not merely an expression of piety. Islam has historically always been a political and social system as well as an individual religious faith. Islamic law, Sharia, is a comprehensive system governing every aspect of individual behavior. It also contains laws for the governance of the state and the ordering of society. If it is imposed in Turkey, women and non-Muslims would be subjugated under a system of institutionalized discrimination; the freedom of conscience and of speech would be restricted; and the relatively Westernized aspects of Turkish society would wither away.

Reward offered to solve gangland-style murder

July 31, 2008
Dragan Sekulijica was shot dead at the Splashes Nightclub in Wollongong on September 7...

"Police believe this murder is linked with organised crime and it's hoped that the $200,000 reward will break down that wall of silence and help catch those responsible," she said.

NSW govt offers reward Rahma case info

July 30, 2008
The NSW government is offering a $100,000 reward for information about the abduction of a toddler, missing since 2005.

Rahma el-Dennaoui was abducted from her home on Hill Road, Lurnea, in Sydney's south-west, on November 10, 2005, sparking a major land and air search.

The 19-month-old was sleeping with her four sisters in the front room of their home when someone cut through the flyscreen in the early hours of that morning, police say.


Three months after she vanished, her conservative Muslim family from the Lebanese city of Tripoli is desperate.

Throughout the ordeal, Rahma's mother, Alyaa, 29, has been pregnant with their ninth child. Her father, Hosayn, 35, has been prescribed sedatives and drugs for stomach ulcers.

Diversity: not in my neighborhood - USA

July 31, 2008, Frosty Wooldridge
We inject ourselves with more and unworkable ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’, which doesn’t work, won’t work, and given enough time and population overload, degrades into civil confrontation. You can see it in race riots in Los Angeles schools today. You can see it with Americans moving out of Mexican strongholds in major cities. You can see it in daily rapes of 12 year old girls by Mexican immigrants (it’s normal in their culture), honor killings by Muslims here in America (two in the last week) and a dozen other examples. It proved unfair and unworkable to the Native Americans whom we invaded, it proves unfair and unworkable to the French who now stand in the crosshairs of cultural/linguistic destruction, and most other first world countries that allow unending incompatible immigration...

We cannot sustain unending millions of people added our country—environmentally or culturally, as well as food and water! If we do continue--out of the next added 100 million people into America in three decades—over 70 million will be from third world countries. Do you want that for your children?
I'm with Frosty.

Russia: teen skinheads 'led gang that killed 20'

July 01, 2008
RUSSIAN prosecutors have charged a gang led by two teenagers with murdering 20 people in a series of racist killings over eight months...

Russian sociologists are struggling to understand the phenomenon of rising neo-Nazism and xenophobia in a country which lost millions of its citizens fighting against Nazi Germany during World War II.

Nowadays swastika graffiti can be seen across Russia, and Jewish cemeteries and synagogues are occasionally vandalised.
This video From Russia with Hate explains it. I sympathise with their opposition to immigration, but their methods are repulsive.

African basketball revolution in West Sydney

July 31, 2008
On Wednesday afternoon the PCYC's single indoor court was swamped by enthusiastic teenagers, more than 50 of them, all long-limbed, athletic and with flamboyant skills...

Desperate, ruthless, tall and skilful: ingredients to revolutionise basketball in Australia.

No wonder these kids are being snapped up on basketball scholarships by American colleges offering educational opportunities.
And so, like the USA, we will see the displacement of whites from the sport.

Female thug attacks deaf, blind woman: Adelaide

July 31, 2008
The 47-year-old victim was walking along Simpson St at Woodville Gardens about 9.15am when a woman of aboriginal appearance demanded money from her.

Court rejects closure of ruling Islamist party: Turkey

Jul 31, 2008
The Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled against closing the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for having turned into a "focal point" of anti-secular activities but ruled to impose partial financial penalties on the party...

Six of the court's 11 judges ruled for the party's closure; one vote short of the number necessary to actually close down the party. Kılıç said this was a "serious warning" to the AK Party. Only Kılıç himself voted against any sanctions against the AK Party, while four of the other judges voted to cut Treasury aid. He also said he believed the AK Party "would make the necessary analysis and learn the necessary lesson." Judge Kılıç started his announcement criticizing Turkey's politicians for not passing a regulation that would make it more difficult to open closure cases...

"We would like to see this resolved through negotiation between political parties without launching a suit," he said. He called on politicians to make the necessary legal changes to avoid a similar crisis in the future. He also called on them to work to ensure the conditions where all segments can live together in the society and make the effort to relieve the tension prevailing in the country...

Their power struggle with the AK Party flared up in January when the government lifted a ban on female students wearing the headscarf on university campuses. The Constitutional Court later annulled the reform.


But the ruling seemed to have something for everyone, clearing the air politically and allowing even Turkey's most adamant secularists to claim it as a victory.

"AKP can no longer continue with its previous line in politics," said Onur Oymen, the deputy chairman of the secular opposition Republican People's Party. "They have been granted a chance. In order to make the best of it, they need to go through some serious self-critique."...

Baskin Oran, a professor of international relations at Ankara University, said the ruling was a sign that Turkey's judiciary, long believed to be well in the sphere of the secular establishment, seemed to have broken ranks.
The three-way stalemate continues: Islamists, secularists and Kurds.

Canada: immigrant gives birth to 18th child

July 29, 2008
ABBOTSFORD, British Columbia - A Romanian immigrant has given birth to her 18th child in British Columbia, making her the province's most prolific mother in 20 years.

British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell and his Environment Minister Barry Penner just finished spending a bundle of taxpayer money on glossy propaganda pushing his fancy "carbon tax" scheme which is supposed to do wonders to counter climate change in this province. Oddly, no comment issued forth from his office about God's personal choice in Abbotsford to thwart the good effects of the carbon tax scheme.

I think that could be for the very good reason that neither the Premier of British Columbia nor any politician in Canada nor any environmental organization in our country will ever acknowledge a link between population growth via the maternity ward or the airport and increased greenhouse gas emissions...

Didn't Simon and Garfunkel do a song called "The Sounds of Silence"? Could have been the theme song about our population debate..

Attempted car jacking – Bankstown, NSW

30 Jul 2008
The 28-year-old man from Bankstown arrived home to his flat just before 12.30am, when he noticed two men standing outside the entrance to the complex's garage...

Inspector Mark Smith from Bankstown local police command said the two men approached the Barina hatchback and one of the men, who was wearing a black hooded jumper, punched through the driver's side window.
Bankstown is a Middle Eastern area, along with other ethnic groups.

Services on list for Japan trade talks

July 26, 2008
SERVICES and investment will be centre stage during free trade negotiations with Japan next week, as Australia tries to ease the way for professional services and telecommunications firms seeking to set up shop in Japan.

Agriculture will be high on the agenda during the Tokyo meetings.

Japan imposes huge tariff and quota barriers on Australian exports including beef, dairy, grains and sugar, but has so far sought to exclude the key commodities from the agreement.

A senior Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade official said an agreement on agriculture was still a long way off.

AFP may send contract work offshore

July 29, 2008
THE Australian Federal Police has started a round of voluntary redundancies after taking the axe to its technology contractors earlier this year...

"It is taking longer than expected to move into the development phase of some major IT projects and this, coupled with some resourcing adjustments, has required a change in focus and priority,"...

The spokesman admitted the contract work could be sent offshore, provided it met certain security requirements.

"Development work could be allocated to any successful tenderer. AFP systems or migration of legacy data and any activity involving access to sensitive data is unlikely to be outsourced. "There is no intention to host AFP systems or the data they contain offshore."

Brumby to tackle crime increase

Jul 28, 2008
The Victorian Government says it will tackle the rising level of violent crime in the state.

Leaked police data shows crimes committed against people are increasing, especially robberies, abductions and assaults.

The figures also show the total crime level has fallen slightly, but a smaller proportion of cases are being solved.

Pro-lifers infiltrate schools in NSW

July 30, 2008
The Presbyterian and Baptist churches have taken over teaching Year 5 and 6 primary and Years 9 to 12 high school children about human sexuality in some public schools...

Margaret Oweck only yesterday learned her 12-year-old daughter Yasmin's sex education classes at Chester Hill North had a church link.

"They might have taught her something that is against my religion," the Muslim mother said.

Parents and Citizen's president Di Giblin yesterday said: "Parents believe the (Education Department) is responsible for every program in state schools and all content should be secular - free from any religious viewpoint."
Yes, Christianity is now 'evil'.

Country life signals end of a long struggle

July 30, 2008
The 34-year-old Afghan refugee who fled Taliban vengeance said yesterday: "They were three wasted years. Wasted time and wasted life."...

His youngest child, Javid, was born after he fled and he only saw him for the first time aged five when his family was reunited two years ago.

The Castlemaine branch of Rural Australians for Refugees helped Mr Hashimi get through that period, and encouraged him to settle in Castlemaine on his release. He threw himself into the community's life, joining its a capella choir...

His wife is learning English and his three sons and daughter are earning glowing reports at school. He laments that if not for those years on Nauru, their schooling would be further advanced.
So much for rural life being a haven for whites.

NT coast belongs to Aborigines: court

July 30, 2008
The High Court has ruled Aborigines control more than 80 per cent of the Northern Territory coast, ending a 30-year battle for indigenous rights to the sea.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called for calm following the landmark ruling, which has massive implications for Aboriginal people, governments and the fishing industry.

It means traditional owners - from the East Alligator River in the Van Diemen Gulf to the Roper River in the Limmen Bight - have the power to exclude fishermen from the inter-tidal zone.

First county Koori court to open

July 30, 2008
AUSTRALIA'S first County Koori court will be established in Victoria.

The court, in the Latrobe Valley, will run as a four-year pilot, providing an alternative sentencing process for Aboriginal offenders.

Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls said it would be the first time in Australia a Koori court would operate in a higher jurisdiction, and built on the success of models in the lower magistrates and children's courts.

Protectionist US risks losing economic leadership in Asia

July 8, 2008
The United States is becoming increasingly protectionist and risks losing its economic leadership position in Asia to China, an official of President George W. Bush's administration warned on Monday.

"It is ironic that in the 21st century, America is turning inward, uncertain whether economic engagement with Asia is in the national interest -- even as Asian nations rush to conclude trade and investment agreements with one another," said Commerce under secretary Christopher Padilla.

"Perhaps this seems alarmist. But look at the facts," he told a Washington forum, saying many US lawmakers "are deeply suspicious" of expanded trade with allies such as South Korea and "downright hostile" toward trade with China.

Collapse of WTO talks a 'body blow' for economy: Rudd

July 30, 2008
The collapse of world trade talks is a body blow to the global economy, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.

World Trade Organisation (WTO) officials say the high-level Geneva talks to salvage a global trade pact caved in after the United States, China and India failed to compromise on when poor countries could raise import tariffs on farm products.

Industry and farming groups expressed despair at the news, warning that Australian farmers would remain locked out of markets while the US, India and European Union countries would be able to maintain their agriculture subsidies.

Accord to welcome Chilean students

July 30, 2008
CHILE will pay to send up to 500 of its top university students each year to Australia for postgraduate education under a landmark agreement enabling long-term collaboration and exchange...

"The areas of interest, in terms of development, are very similar: mining, agribusiness, clean energy, water. There's a lot to learn jointly," Dr Foxley told the HES. "We want to go forward faster into a knowledge-based economy and Australia is a country that has very good centres of excellence in knowledge-based skills."

Australia and Chile to sign FTA

July 30, 2008
Australia and Chile will sign a free trade agreement, the first finalised by the Rudd government...

...Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith who described the agreement as the most comprehensive FTA the nation has negotiated.

"The agreement will eliminate 97 per cent of tariffs on existing merchandise trade and 100 per cent of tariffs on existing merchandise trade by 2015," Mr Smith said in a statement.

'Racism' keeps Africans out of good jobs

July 30, 2008
Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner says African migrants with professional qualifications from overseas had long found it hard to get jobs in their chosen fields in Australia...

"Why is this happening? Racial discrimination is undoubtedly one factor."...

"Our nation won't be socially and culturally open unless we embrace African-Australian migrants in the same way we've previously embraced people from southern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East," he said.
Somewhere along the diversity spectrum, Mr Tanner, your rainbow fell out of the sky.

Teen glassed in Gold Coast nightclub

July 30th, 2008
BEN Felgate will have to wait 12 months to find out whether or not his badly cut face will heal...

Ben was attacked trying to defend his girlfriend Stevie during an altercation at Cocktails and Dreams nightclub about 4am on Sunday.

His attacker -- described as being of middle-eastern appearance, about 170cm tall, and wearing a rainbow-coloured jumper -- slammed a glass in his face before fleeing.

Advisory group to promote tolerance in Camden

CAMDEN Council will set up an advisory group to build community cohesion and reduce intolerance... the Cohesive Communities Advisory Group...

It is expected the group would include representatives from residents' groups, the council, service clubs, the Country Women's Association, Camden Historical Society, sporting groups and chambers of commerce.

Slash victim threatens revenge after attacker walks free

July 30, 2008
A SUDANESE man threatened to take the law into his own hands after a teen who slashed him across the face with a samurai sword walked free today.

"This is not fair," he said when the 12 month suspended sentence was handed down.

"I did not come all the way from Africa to be killed in Australia."

The man told the court he had been shot in the African war and then said to the youth "you're dead".

"I will take the law into my own hands," he said.

Man jailed over Melbourne shopping mall sex attack

November 22, 2007
A 31-year-old man illegally staying in Australia has been jailed for two years over the sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl in the change room of a Melbourne shopping centre.

The Victorian County Court heard that Mohammad Sehnawaz Khan, of Springvale, approached the nine-year-old girl and her eight-year-old sister at the Chadstone Shopping Centre on March 14, this year.

The girls were in the toy section of a department store when Khan pressured the nine-year-old to go into a change room and try on a dress that he said he wanted to buy for his niece in India.

He assaulted her in the change room while her sister was present, the court heard.

HIV positive taxi driver gets 11 years for rape, NZ

23 November 2007
In Wellington District Court today Judge Susan Thomas sentenced Abdirazak Yussuf Mussa, 55, of suburban Miramar, to 11 years in prison for two counts of rape and one of abduction with intent to sexually violate...

In September last year Mussa picked up the woman... the woman was 18...

Judge Thomas said if this was not bad enough the woman later found out Mussa was HIV positive.
He is a Somali refugee.

Push to recognise indigenous rights in Constitution

July 23, 2008
KEVIN Rudd today declared it was time to recognise the rights of indigenous people in Australia's Constitution.

In Arnhem Land for a historic cabinet meeting, Mr Rudd said the Government would "give attention to detailed, sensitive consultation with indigenous communities about the most appropriate form and timing of constitutional recognition".

The Prime Minister's pledge came after he accepted a petition from 13 of Arnhem Land's most senior traditional men, who called for their "self-evident" rights to be recognised in the Constitution.
Good, but will whites likewise get recognition? Will we get a homeland? Or will we continue to be pushed out of our lands by unrelenting immigration? Or don't we deserve any permanent home because we are 'evil' colonisers?

Alleged HIV positive rapist granted bail

January 8, 2008
A 41-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was later diagnosed with HIV has been granted bail in the Perth Magistrates Court.

Wepukhulu Zebtec was originally refused bail over allegations he lured the woman to his home and sexually assaulted her...
He sounds African.

Alleged rapist banned from youth hostels

January 14, 2008
A 26-year-old Indian man accused of raping an Irish tourist has been granted bail on the condition that he not visit backpacker hostels.

Venkateswara Rao Rallabandi... of Toowoomba... arrested for allegedly raping a 19-year-old woman from Northern Ireland at a hostel in the Brisbane suburb of West End.

It is alleged the woman woke about 7am (AEST) that day to find the man sexually assaulting her.

Wanted: cure for Melbourne's knife epidemic

July 8, 2007
ANOTHER disaster: a group of young people with knives and machetes fighting a pitched battle in our suburbs. Why is this happening? How big is the problem? And what can be done about it? ... the brutal fact is that carrying knives in public places is more common than ever...

Youth worker Les Twentyman and I first started publicly highlighting the rise of the knife culture in 1992. In 1995, the Kennett government ran a short but effective media campaign , but when the campaign stopped the problem kept growing...

Once again our weapons working-group raised the issue of an ongoing media campaign to convince young people that carrying weapons, particularly knives, is the wrong way to live. We are now waiting for fresh consultants and more focus groups to tell us what youth workers and street police have been saying for years. The only thing that has changed in the past six years is that things have got worse.

Surely we do not have to wait for more knife casualties — or deaths — before this gets the priority it deserves.

'ethnic gang warfare on the streets' of Melbourne

July 09, 2007
Liberal MP Bernie Finn told Parliament last month he was disturbed by the gang activity he saw on a recent tour of Sunshine with local youth worker Les Twentyman...

"It is gang warfare . . . it is ethnic gang warfare on the streets of Sunshine."

The Upper House member for Western Metropolitan said he saw groups of teenagers, in school uniform, gather in their ethnic tribes.

"Violence appeared to be brewing," Mr Finn said.

Mr Twentyman said the problems started in November 2005 when three Sudanese girls were being hassled by a group of teenagers on a train.

The girls text-messaged friends and about 40 Sudanese were waiting when the train reached Sunshine station. The teenagers were badly bashed.

"It's been tit for tat ever since," Mr Twentyman said.

He said the main gangs were of Vietnamese, Sudanese and Tongan origin.

Nine-year-olds in ethnic gang attacks, Melbourne

July 8, 2007
CHILDREN as young as nine are being caught up in race-based machete and knife attacks over drug turf and ethnic pride...

Police are tight-lipped about whether the St Albans stabbings were gang-related. Social worker Les Twentyman said the attack could be linked to the notorious SNK gang, a group of youths involved in a 2004 brawl that left its leader with a severed hand...

Mr Twentyman said children as young as nine and 10 were recruited by older members who felt vulnerable unless they roamed in large packs. "It's all about a sense of belonging, ethnicity and drug dealing and a whole range of things," he said.

St Albans, Sunshine and Dandenong were among the worst places for youth gang violence, which Mr Twentyman said was at its worst level since he began youth work almost 30 years ago. "One of the problems about those areas is that they're very high on ethnicity and a lot of them have issues with other ethnic groups. But a lot of it is about being excluded.

"That's one of the problems — kids feel totally alienated from the mainstream and this is their survival thing."...

Bracks urged to end ethnic gang violence

July 17, 2007
THE mother of a teenager who could lose his sight in one eye after being bashed at a 16th birthday party wants Premier Steve Bracks to stop ethnic gang violence.

Joseph Lauretta, 17, was repeatedly bashed by up to 10 youths wielding machetes, baseball bats and iron bars after they gatecrashed the party in St Albans.

His mother, Rosanna, has written to the Premier seeking more police, tougher penalties for violent offenders and better education of migrant communities...

Joseph was one of eight teenagers injured when a gang of about 40 youths stormed the party at the St Albans Saints soccer club on July 6...

Some of the armed teenagers are believed to be members of the notorious SnK (St Albans and Kings Park) gang.
July 8, 2007
From party to bloodbath in 45 minutes.

The party initially had been quiet as most of the guests were under age and not drinking, he said. The attackers, who were mostly Asian, may have known some partygoers because they were talking to them before the attack.

The gang fled before police arrived, leaving behind eight injured people, three with serious knife wounds.

Racial friction rages on Gold Coast waves

July 24th, 2008
TENSIONS between local and Brazilian surfers threaten to reach boiling point, with reports of heated arguments at surfing breaks and even a knife incident.

Brazilian and local surfers are frequently abusing each other to secure the best waves at crowded beaches.

Duranbah, Snapper Rocks, Currumbin Alley and Burleigh Point have been the main areas where clashes have occurred.

Connex to crack down on Melbourne train gangs

Jul 27, 2008
Connex says it is serious about cracking down on drug use and anti-social behaviour on Melbourne's rail network.

Internal Connex documents reportedly show train users are worried about assaults, petty crime and ethnic gangs when they travel.

Melbourne train stations: dark and dangerous

July 27, 2008
ETHNIC gangs congregating at train stations along the Pakenham/Cranbourne line have made it Melbourne's most dangerous.

Internal Connex reports, leaked to The Sunday Age, show groups of Asian, African and Polynesian youths are committing a range of crimes, including assault and drug-related offences, at Springvale station and other stations further down the line - many of which are unmanned at night.blockquote>

Racial segregation in Goulburn prison

7 July, 2008
Yarding and racial clustering are terms used to describe how different racial groups are segregated within prisons. It's a controversial practice that is used to reduce violence between different racial groups. In July this year, the US Supreme Court ordered gaols in California and Texas to phase out racial clustering and to begin implementing policies of racial integration. The Court found the practice of yarding to be racist in nature and said that in the long run it failed to reduce violence...

In Australia, to my current knowledge, the only gaol where yarding was introduced, and is still in practice, is Goulburn Gaol in New South Wales... Each yard contains an ethnic group – there is the Aboriginal yard, the Asian yard, the Middle Eastern yard and the Pacific Islander/Maori yard. Anglo Australians are also kept separate from the other groups...

When the racial clustering policy was introduced in Australia in 1998, NSW gaols had the highest inmate to inmate violence statistics in Australia. It was thought that inmates would be more easily managed if they were separated. This proved to be true. Yarding did greatly reduce the amount of murders in Goulburn Gaol. It is still a violent gaol but not like the 'Killing Fields' of old...

In Goulburn Gaol, prior to the introduction of some yarding of inmates in 1998, there had been seven murders, five of those were within a 12 month period. Goulburn was known as the 'Killing Fields'...

At Goulburn the wars continued and full yarding became the norm by 2001. However, despite yarding, tensions continued to increase and assaults between the groups and pay-back assaults continued. Gradually though, inmate on inmate assaults did decrease.

Four charged over Turkish school firebombing, Perth

July 16, 2008
Three boys and a man charged with firebombing a Turkish college in Ferndale are being questioned over racial slogans painted at the school a week later.

Three 16-year-old boys and a 20-year-old man will this week face court, charged with firebombing two school buses and a sports shed at Damla College on May 11.

Taxi driver accused of three rapes, Sydney

January 25, 2008
Police have charged the taxi driver, Hassan Nagi, 36, of Bexley, with three rapes in 2003, 2006 and last year. The husband and father of three faces 12 charges, including three counts of sexual intercourse without consent...

Officers arrested Nagi last week over the third alleged rape, which took place after a football game in Kogarah. They then matched his DNA with samples from two rapes in 2003 and 2006, Central Local Court heard yesterday.

Doctor jailed for sex abuse of 14 patients

March 14, 2008
A MELBOURNE dermatologist has been jailed for more than eight years for sexually abusing 14 female patients.

David Wee Kin Tong, 40, of Toorak, assaulted the female patients over six years at clinics in Preston, Malvern and Clifton Hill.
March 5, 2008
Tong requested that the women submit to a full body examination and in most cases asked them to strip and lie on an examination table.

He felt their genitals and in some cases took photos of them naked without consent, using his mobile phone.

On some occasions he asked the victims to pose naked for "body mapping" photographs that could help with their diagnosis and then took pictures of their genitals and naked bodies...

Some noticed Tong sweating, shaking and panting during examinations...

Police searched Tong's home and found 120 explicit photographs of naked women, including patients.

Former child soldier jailed for rape - Adelaide

April 17, 2008
A FORMER child soldier who raped a pregnant woman at knifepoint at a Seaton home was jailed today for eight years.

The victim told the District Court Abraham Ayei Mel threatened to cut out her unborn child if she screamed during the attack...

At his trial Mel, who is Sudanese, claimed he had known the victim when they were in Africa...

Detention changes could let non-citizens disappear – Libs

July 29, 2008
RELAXING the detention system could let hundreds of illegal immigrants disappear into the community, the Opposition says.

Under a new system unveiled by Immigration Minister Chris Evans today, asylum seekers and people caught overstaying their visas will be detained only if they pose a risk to the community...

Political activist group GetUp, which has been campaigning for an end to mandatory detention, called for firm legislation to set the new policy in stone.

"This Government must ensure that no change of heart or government can turn this policy around,'' executive director Brett Solomon said.
"must ensure that no ... government can turn this policy around" - ouch, democracy just "got up" and left.

Picture Gallergy: Teens Killed On London's Streets

May 29, 2008
An instructive image gallery of teens killed on London streets can be found here.

Video: The Asianisation of Australia

July 20, 2007

A ‘modern risk management approach’ to refugees

July 30th, 2008
The rights of the illegal immigrant will be placed ahead of the right that ordinary Australians have to feel protected in their own country. This is a bad signal to be sending out to the rest of the world, let alone legislating for the Australian people. It is exacerbated by the government saying it will only detaining people “as a last resort”.

The minister for immigration recently said that “The debate about temporary migration, quite frankly, is over”, even as more Australians wake up to the problems of sustained mass immigration. Having reduced our immigration standards the same minister now wants to weaken our asylum policy by introducing a risk-based approach to detention.

In a time when Europe and the Unites States are grappling with ways to contain illegal immigration, now is not the time for the minister to be watering down our immigration and asylum systems and steering Australia closer to their failed policies.

Quote of the week, maybe of the year...

.. by a commenter at, in response to Barack Obama's comment to minority journalists, "There's no doubt that when it comes to our treatment of Native Americans as well as other persons of color in this country, we've got some very sad and difficult things to account for."

Reply 1--Posted by: djmed, 7/29/2008 5:16:15 PM

Let's quit feeling guilty about stuff that happened before any of our grandparents were born and concentrate on the people that want us dead now.

UK: Muslim schools cause segregation, say teachers

29th July 2008
'Hell will freeze over' before Muslim schools give children a liberal education, teachers were told today.

Faith schools threaten to cause religious segregation and must not be expanded, said Wesley Paxton from teachers' union Voice...

His remarks follow government moves to give religious groups a greater role in education through an expansion of academies and an offer of state funding for private Muslim schools.

UK: Delivery driver ordered to change attitude to women

27th July 2008

An Iranian delivery driver who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl has been ordered to attend a programme to improve his attitude to women.

Morteza Jafari, 36, told probation officers that in his home country it is generally believed that white women are promiscuous...

Jafari, of Bushbury Road, Wolverhampton, previously admitted sexual assault after squeezing the girl's breast while making a delivery to her place of work.
advertisement ... "I asked her for sex. She's a sexy girl".

Video: AK case highlights Turkey’s political tensions

July, 2008
The Turkish chief prosecutor’s decision to seek a ban on the ruling AK Party and banish its senior figures to the political wilderness has exposed the deep divisions running through Turkish society.

Representing the secular establishment, the prosecution maintains the AK is trying to impose an Islamist agenda on Turkey — a claim it forcefully denies.

NSW: Armidale hope to lure skilled migrants

29 July, 2008
The Department of Immigration has held a briefing for about 30 business people in Armidale to discuss new measures to attract skilled migrant workers to the region.

The Northern Inland Regional Development Board hosted the meeting.

One of those who took part was Christine Kennedy of the Moonbi-based Andromeda Industries Group, who warned the skills shortage is preventing the company to be fully able to utilise its equipment.

She says it has the potential to hamper its ability to expand.

"We're looking at getting into the aeronautical component making and the joint Striker Force Program for the defence department. I'm sure we won't be the only ones in regional New South Wales looking for people with these experiences," she said.

Doctor urges mandatory detention inquiry

July 29, 2008
A psychiatrist who has treated immigration detainees says former government ministers should be called to account for the policy of mandatory detention...

He says former prime minister John Howard and former immigration minister Philip Ruddock should face a public inquiry about mandatory detention and the psychological harm it caused.

VIC: Debutante brawl in Springvale

A DEBUTANTE ball after-party in Springvale ended in bloodshed when the event was gatecrashed and a reveller brutally bashed nearby...

"Some gatecrashers arrived ... and there was a large scuffle of people out the front," Det Sen-Constable Keogh said...

Two hours later an 18-year-old Dandenong North man and a 17-year-old Lynbrook boy, who were walking home from the party, were set upon by car full of young men, who had previously driven past them several times... brutally assaulted him and smashed a bottle in his face...

The men were of Pacific Islander appearance and a large sticker, possibly showing the words "Southern Pacific", was displayed in the back window of the car.

Police search for found toddler's parents

Jul 24, 2008
Victorian Police are searching for the parents of a two-year-old boy found wandering the streets in south-east Melbourne.

A person located the toddler just after 8:00pm (local time) in the suburb of Clayton, as he was attempting to cross a road.

The boy is described as islander in appearance, with short dark curly hair, blue jeans, a white hooded top and no shoes. He has given his name as Caleb.

Armed robbery of 26-year-old, Campsie, Sydney

15 Jul 2008
About 7pm the victim, a 26-year-old Campsie man was walking along South Parade talking on his mobile phone when he was approached from behind by two youths...

The victim attempted to retain his property and an altercation developed before the second youth produced a knife and threatened the victim.

... described as Middle Eastern / Mediterranean in appearance, 15 to 18-years-old, with a slim build and short black curly hair...

A second youth has been described as Middle Eastern / Mediterranean in appearance, 15 to 18-years-old, about 165cm tall, with a slim build and black hair with a ‘Mohawk’ and pony tail. He was wearing a sleeveless white, with white shoes and shorts, and armed with a 15cm silver bladed knife.

Somali women demand government action on legal drug

July 23, 2008
IT is a drug that cost Fartun Farah her marriage and one she says is fuelling domestic violence across the nation's African community.

But what makes her story unusual is that the drug in question, khat, is legal in Australia despite being banned in other countries such as the US, Canada and New Zealand.

... an African shrub that is chewed for amphetamine-like effect...

SA: Man threatened with knife, car stolen

Jul 28, 2008
Police are looking for two men who threatened a man with a knife and stole his car at Parafield Gardens.

The maroon Nissan was stolen from the driveway of a house on Taylor Street at about 7:30pm.

It is believed the vehicle's owner was near the car when he was approached by the men who are described as Aboriginal in appearance.

SA: Dude, that's my car!

July 20, 2008
A COUPLE who approached two men stealing their car could only watch as the brazen thieves threatened them with a knife and drove off in their car...

The Waite Street, Elizabeth Downs, couple were woken by noises outside their unit...

One of the offenders is described as being of Aboriginal appearance, aged in his late twenties to early thirties, about 6' 2" tall, solid build with a shaved head wearing a grey hooded jacket and jeans.

Sydney Morning Herald censors ethnic identity

July 03, 2008
They are aided in their non-cause by The Sydney Morning Herald, a newspaper so sensitive to the concerns of one culture that it routinely deletes reference to "men of Middle Eastern appearance" from police reports yet runs absurd front-page stories slamming Youth Day and promoting T-shirts bearing the lines: "$5500 - a small price to pay for annoying Catholics".

18-year-old stabbed, Guildford, Sydney

30 June, 2008
About 6pm on Saturday an 18-year-old man was stabbed a number of times to the neck and arms during an argument at a unit in Talbot Rd...

Police want to speak with two men described as being of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern appearance who were last seen driving off on Talbot Rd in a silver or grey-coloured sports car.

Teenager shot - Fairfield Heights, Sydney

20 Jul 2008
About 8pm yesterday (Saturday 19 July), the 18-year-old man attended Fairfield Police Station to report he’d been shot in the ankle...

Inquiries conducted by police led them to a residence in Stella Street, Fairfield Heights, where it’s believed the shooting took place...

Police have been told the victim was attacked by five men of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance who fled the scene in a silver-coloured vehicle.

Man assaulted and robbed of vehicle in Lakemba

18 Jul 2008
The man left the store and was approached by two men who allegedly forced him to the ground and kicked him before stealing a sum of cash and his car keys...

The first man is described as being of middle eastern/Mediterranean appearance, approximately 175cm tall, medium build. He was wearing a white hooded jumper and a baseball cap.

The second man is described as being of middle eastern/Mediterranean appearance wearing a black hooded jumper and a white baseball cap.

Man stabbed, five men wanted - Fairfield, Sydney

A man, 29, is in a stable condition at Liverpool Hospital undergoing surgery today after being stabbed five times in Fairfield Heights last night.

The man was sitting in a car on Eustace Street, Fairfield Heights with another man, 35, when they were attacked by up to five men described as being of Middle Eastern appearance, at about 11.20pm.

Gunpoint ordeal for Mosman couple, Sydney

23 July, 2008

AN elderly couple were threatened by two men one brandishing a pistol in the couple's Mosman home last Saturday... both men left with a quantity of jewellery...

Both men are described as in their mid-20s, of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance.

Serious assault & robbery – Blackett, Sydney West

27 Jul 2008
About 10:45pm the youth and his 10-year-old brother were walking home along Murdoch Street when a dark coloured Commodore containing four males of Pacific Islander appearance stopped alongside them.

Two of the males got out of the car before punching and kicking the 14-year-old a number of times to the head and body.

American stabbed at Belmore Hotel, Sydney

July 29, 2008 18-year-old American man was stabbed after a brawl at the Belmore Hotel in Belmore last night...

Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack, and are searching for a man described as Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance, aged in his 20's, of medium height and short dark hair with a rat's tail.

Cowards bash Bacchus Marsh pensioner

POLICE are hunting two young men who left a Bacchus Marsh pensioner bruised and battered in a vicious home invasion.

Kevin Unthank, 68, suffered a broken nose and two broken teeth after the pair forced their way into his Clarinda St home...

Mr Unthank described one of his attackers as of Islander appearance, aged between 20-23 and about 183cm with dark shoulder-length hair. The attacker also wore a red and white headband.

Philippines Muslim area to expand

17 July 2008
The Philippine government and a separatist rebel group have agreed to expand an autonomous Muslim region in the south of the country.

The agreement envisages the extension of the present region in Mindanao to include a further 712 villages.

The proposed homeland will also be entitled to a large share of the resources in the area.
Terrorism pays?

Violent crime worst in east, southeast and Gippsland

July 29, 2008
RESIDENTS in Melbourne's east and southeast and Gippsland suffered more violent crimes in the past year than any other area in Victoria.

A breakdown by police region of leaked provisional crime statistics show violent crime was highest in police region five, which stretches from Frankston and Greater Dandenong council areas to East Gippsland.

The figures, obtained by the Opposition, show a total of 9,733 violent crimes against the person in 2007/08 for region five, an increase of almost 60 per cent.

Seven charged with St Laurence's School stabbing

July 29, 2008
Zinajdo Hasanovic, 17, of Wooloongabba and Kael Leahy, 18, of Kallangur, were both denied bail after Magistrate Elizabeth Hall heard what she described as "frightening" accounts of one of the boys attacking school students with a meat clever...

“There was some dispute between the groups.” ...

"We've always tried to keep him safe right through his life. It's completely unexpected to think this could happen in what we feel is one of the safest schools."

"Really it just points out that no-where is safe."
The two denied bail appear to be a Bosnian and an Aboriginal/Islander.

End to mandatory detention

July 29, 2008
HUNDREDS of detainees could be released into the community under radical changes to Australia's mandatory detention policy to be announced today.

Under the changes, only people who pose a risk to the community will be detained, The Age understands. Others will be released into the community while their cases are assessed.

David Cameron vows to mend 'broken society'

Aug 2007
Last week, Mr Cameron had spoken of the need to address "anarchy in the UK". He was referring to a spate of recent gang killings...

Suddenly his core political message about "social breakdown" and the need for increased "social responsibility" seems a lot more relevant.

The last thing Mr Cameron wants is to be seen scoring political points over Rhys's killing. But there is no escaping the fact that his message chimes louder amid the public outrage.

Can Cameron's formula fix the 'broken' society?

28 July 2008
David Cameron's big idea is to mend Britain's "broken society", tackling the root causes of poverty and deprivation rather than throwing more money at them...

Despite Tory criticism of Gordon Brown's economic management, the differences between the two main parties on economic policy are not huge. To find his unique selling point, Mr Cameron is attempting a daring raid into Labour's anti-poverty territory. Just as Margaret Thatcher transformed the economy in the 1980s, Mr Cameron's goal is to reshape society, a task regarded by many people as the missing piece of the Thatcher revolution. He argues that, in the global economy, Britain cannot enjoy economic success without social success too.

The 'broken society' consensus

28th July 2008
There are increasing hints that there is a new consensus emerging about the ‘broken society.’ Take Diane Abbot’s response to the question about what causes knife crime:
“Knife crime, gun crime and the gang culture all have the same roots: educational underachievement; family breakdown and the collapse of manufacturing, which used to employ so many blue-collar males.”
True, but you forgot diversity and violent media.

The black father 'crisis': Cameron backed by blacks

David Cameron echoed the words of Barack Obama yesterday by calling for absent black fathers to take more responsibility for their children.

The Conservative leader called for a 'responsibility revolution' to change patterns of behaviour.

Mr Cameron's high-risk appeal appeared to pay off, winning widespread support from leading members of the black community. They agreed that the lack of traditional family influences is a serious problem.

Alcohol blamed for Victorian rising crime levels

July 28
The Victorian Government and Victoria Police have blamed alcohol abuse for rising violent crime levels.

Leaked police statistics show crimes committed against people is rising, with robberies up more than 15 per cent. The total crime rate has fallen, as have the number of homicides and rapes...

But the Deputy Police commissioner, Kieren Walshe, says... "There has been a deterioration in public order and we've seen an increase in assaults in and around licensed premises," he said.
Booze is the scapegoat, but the real cause is loss of social cohesion due to diverse immigration, further fueled by gangster chic, rap music, violent films and games, decline of the church, etc.

Guest workers: short-term fix makes problems worse

July 27th, 2008 by Valerie Yule
It seems a perfect solution. Australia needs workers for seasonal and mining jobs; The Pacific Islands and East Timor, with high birth-rates and much of their populations under 25, have up to 65% youth unemployment. Let their young people come here as temporary labour. Neat. Two problems solved. Temporarily.

It is a dangerous stop-gap for the Islanders unless also family planning cuts family sizes down to four or less. These islands have populations growing to the degree that their own resources cannot support them.

Benbrika terror cell members were 'part-timers'

July 28, 2008
THE Crown case against an alleged home-grown Muslim terror cell had shrunk during a five-month trial to a claim that its members only did "a little bit of terrorism on the side" and planned violent jihad "way off in the future", according to a defence barrister.

Lawyer Julian McMahon said the Crown was now accepting that the 12 accused members of the group at the centre of Australia's largest terrorism trial had "considerable interests" outside the organisation and was essentially claiming they were only part-time terrorists.

Two knifed in gang invasion at Brisbane school

July 28, 2008
The student said he and other St Laurence’s students believed the alleged attackers were purportedly members of a Brisbane southside gang called "JJs".

“It was guys from the local gang,” he said... “But they didn’t get the guy they wanted … that’s why they’re calling it unprovoked," the student said...

"This is such a good school, with a good reputation you know...I can't believe something like this has happened.

Compassion urged for sex slaves

July 27, 2008
SEX slaves trafficked into Australia should be given visas on humanitarian grounds even if they are unable to help police prosecute the people responsible for bringing them into the country, according to a new report.

The recommendation from the Australian Institute of Criminology comes after The Sun-Herald revealed that a government summit had been convened to fight trafficking in sex slaves and that $20 million a year had been put aside to fight the crime...

A multi-agency program to tackle people trafficking was launched in 2004 and has supported 107 people so far, 65 per cent of whom were Thai nationals. The Australian Federal Police has undertaken more than 150 investigations in that time.

Long and short of a trading scheme

July 28, 2008, Kenneth Davidson
A carbon tax at this level would require a change in lifestyles. Birrell and Healy say these changes would not be acceptable to the community and they argue that cutting immigration and stabilising the population would be the most politically acceptable option to achieve the 60/2050 target.

They point out that as the Productivity Commission has shown, there is only a tiny projected gain per capita income from immigration. Just because some business interests profit from population growth, for ordinary Australians it is per capita growth that matters.

Birrell and Healy say the business interests that have the most to lose from the emissions trading scheme will have an interest in stabilising population growth to minimise the tax on carbon.

Call for buses to carry cameras after two stabbed

July 28, 2008
Violence erupted in front of about 20 passengers about 7.35pm on Saturday after a man and woman approached two men sitting at the back of a Ventura bus travelling along Capon St, near Chadstone Shopping Centre...

It's unusual. Normally we don't have these sorts of events but it would seem there's been an increase," Mr Coffey said.

"I think it's a reflection of social issues, but we're very serious about maintaining services as a safe environment."

Union pushes carbon tariffs on imports

July 28, 2008
AUSTRALIA should impose a "carbon tariff" on goods imported from countries that refuse to sign up to an international agreement on climate change, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union says.

This would help Australian industry become more sustainable and encourage other countries to take their own action.

Video: Gellerupparken = Denmark’s Kosovo?

July 26, 2008, Danish citizens attacked by Muslim immigrants

Agent obtains warrant to evict Sudanese refugee family

July 01, 2008
A SUDANESE couple and their five children have been ordered out of their Brisbane home otherwise the police will come and throw them out ...

The Presbyterian minister mainly blamed the family's grim situation on the critical shortage of affordable housing.

However he fears discrimination is also at work.

Violent crime at record high in Victoria

July 28, 2008
VIOLENT crime hit a record high in Victoria last year, leaked crime figures show... a record 1.4 per cent increase in violent crime.

Last year, almost 43,000 people were victims of violent crime, including robbery, which soared by 15.6 per cent and abduction, which grew by 7.3 per cent.

Fear high for Brunswick West family

ABDIAZIZ Saeed Hersi fled war-ravaged Somalia with his wife Lul Issa 12 years ago to start a new life in Melbourne.

Since then he has campaigned for African refugees, reported on their plight, worked on community radio and highlighted the dangers facing those making a new life in inner-city high-rises.

Now Mr Hersi and his family of eight is confronting that fear head-on after fire destroyed their possessions and commission home in Albion St, Brunswick West.

Arsonists set Sydney Catholic primary school on fire

Police are searching for a group of young arsonists after a Catholic primary school in Sydney's south was damaged by fire.

Neighbours surrounding the Regina Coeli primary school at Beverley Hills called police after hearing explosions yesterday afternoon and seeing a group of teenagers running away.
Not far from Lakemba.

Sydney: Kids too scared of crime to play outdoors

July 28, 2008
The Commission's Built Environment report found children don't like to catch public transport because they are worried they will be robbed or see people do drugs.

"It's not safe on the streets if you're alone, you can't go to public toilets, the train station's not safe. There are people doing drugs," a 12-year-old boy said.

NSW: Anti-racist activists to contest elections

26 July 2008
A team of three experienced activists will contest the September 13 local government elections in Blacktown for the Socialist Alliance.

Two of the candidates are members of the Sudanese Australian Human Rights Association (SAHRA), Soubhi Iskander and Hassan Abaid. Both are political refugees from Sudan. The third candidate, Rachel Evans, recently won in the federal court against the NSW government’s attempt to restrict the right to protest. She was also central to organising the July 19 protest against the pope’s reactionary views on sexuality and reproductive rights.

The Socialist Alliance candidates will contest ward three of Blacktown City Council, which incorporates Blacktown, Seven Hills and Prospect. The campaign will be strongly anti-racist, supporting the rights of migrant communities and the large Indigenous population in Blacktown. The campaign will also focus on the council’s responsibility to pursue real solutions to the housing crisis: Blacktown has one of the largest rates of mortgage defaults and personal bankruptcies in Australia.

Sick of the congestion? Time to talk about immigration

Michael Duffy, June 28, 2008
... Sydney is in a state of denial about population increase. We don't prepare for it adequately and seem constantly surprised that public services and infrastructure fail. When they do, we blame politicians, or climate change, or the greed of people (other people) for cars and houses and air conditioning. Anything but what is often the main cause, population growth.

This comes from births, migration from other parts of Australia, and immigration, but it's only the last category we have much control over...

Another reason immigration has been ignored is because to question it is to be seen as politically incorrect, even racist. This could why the environmental movement has largely ignored it, despite its central role in the problems the movement talks about all the time.

'... reducing immigration would be much easier'

July 26, 2008 , Michael Duffy
The politics of reducing energy use significantly ... will generally defeat any government, but reducing immigration would be much easier. And yet net immigration is running at 180,000 a year, at which rate the population will rise to 31.6 million in 2050. The implications of this for Australia's carbon footprint are enormous, yet almost never discussed.

Australians produce more greenhouse gases than any other nationality. Therefore on average, every immigrant, no matter where they come from, will increase their emissions by moving to Australia.

Birrell notes there is a "dissociation between government aspiration and action", and he's not wrong.

Visa for sale: We'll say you did the hours

July 26, 2008
... the purchase of bogus work experience documents is the latest lurk in the vocational education and training sector.

... the number of overseas students enrolled in cookery and hairdressing courses had trebled during the past few years.

Private vocational colleges were increasingly using the federal Government's Migration Occupations in Demand List to promote hairdressing and cooking as what one disillusioned former college teacher described as "the easiest, cheapest and fastest way for students to get permanent residency"...

"Students who have failed a subject on Thursday are reassessed on Friday and deemed competent," says the disillusioned former college teacher...

Melbourne migration lawyer Michael Clothier says: "I have so many clients abandon their courses in maths and science to take up hairdressing and commercial cookery because its easier to get permanent residence... to the 'arse end of the world'..."

VIC: Farah Jama used his dying dad as rape alibi

July 26, 2008
A RAPIST who claimed he was praying by his critically-ill father's bedside when his victim was attacked has been jailed.

A DNA sample led police to Farah Jama, 21, months after his victim, who was in her 40s, was found unconscious in a locked toilet cubicle at a Doncaster nightspot in July 2006...

Family members told the jury Jama was reading his father passages from the Koran and "listening to him pronounce his last will" for all but 15 minutes of that night.
Google suggests that Farah Jama is an African name.

Auburn, Sydney: Man charged over spear gun

July 26, 2008
A 32-YEAR-OLD Sydney man has been charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed a woman in the chest with a spear gun.

Aytural Fil of Auburn remained in the cells at Burwood Local Court yesterday during a brief mention of the case against him ...
Iranian girls: Best

Cyrus my beautiful brother, well done mate, seriously well done... ["Real Iranian girls?"]

Well u know what Cyrus??? I fell in love with an Iranian girl soooooooooooooooooooo badly, sooooooooooooo badly, and she loved me too. But I don't know what happened; she left me. I wrote something that really hurt her, but seriously I didn't mean to write that so she just left me. But I still love her sooooooooooooooooo bad Cyrus, I can't sleep, I can't eat, it's very hard Cyrus.

About me, I'm 26-years old, born & raised in Australia with Turkish parents, and I fell in love with Persian people since the age of 15, and will love them for the rest of my life. As you said Cyrus the real girls are the Iranians. And why do you think I want to get married to an Iranian girl? They are the best. PERSIANS R THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ON EARTH.

Anyway Cyrus, my beautiful friend & brother, take care & look after your self, see ya.

Aytural Fil
Wahabis; anti-Shia/anti-Sunni/anti-Christian...

Salaam my dear brothers & sisters in Islam .... The only way to stop them is that the Shias & and the Sunnis must unite under one umbrella and show everyone the violence they do.
Aytural Fil
06 July, 2003

New Zealand a 'giant transit lounge'

July 21, 2008
Nearly 20 per cent of the 37,000 New Zealanders who crossed the Tasman last year intending to stay in Australia permanently or for at least a year were born outside New Zealand ...

In 2003 the number of New Zealand citizens born overseas moving to live in Australia was 4,187, but this rose to 7,159 last year ...

New Zealand has ... less strict immigration criteria and most Kiwis can visit, live and work in Australia without needing to apply ahead for a visa.

... born in South Africa (871) followed by India (696) and England (678).

Convicted terrorist Lodhi's appeal fails

June 13, 2008
Convicted would-be terrorist Faheem Khalid Lodhi has lost a High Court bid to reopen his case.

Lodhi, 37, was jailed in 2006 for a maximum 20 years, after being found guilty by a NSW Supreme Court jury of plotting to bomb the national electricity grid.

The Pakistani-born architect was sentenced to at least 15 years behind bars on three terrorism-related charges, for seeking prices for chemicals and possessing maps and bomb-making instructions.

Rental crisis leaves family out in cold

June 14, 2008
A FAMILY of 13 were bunking down on the floor of an acquaintance's house last night as Victoria's rental crisis hit a critical new low.

The two adults and 11 children, refugees from Afghanistan, had feared ending up on Melbourne's cold streets after a desperate search for emergency housing failed to turn up suitable accommodation.

Father Hussein Zaghar declined the only emergency accommodation offered late in the day -- a one-room cabin at a caravan park 80km from Melbourne.

Greystanes, Sydney: a day of shopping terror

June 15, 2008
TWO armed robbers storm a crowded Sydney shopping centre, spraying bullets in the direction of horrified families and a lone police officer tries to protect them...

Police have released a Comfit image of one of the men. He is of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean appearance, about 170 centimetres tall, with frizzy dark hair and a chubby build.

Sydney: evil rapist back on the street

June 15, 2008
THE first of the notorious Skaf gang rapists is to be recommended for release from jail next month after receiving a discounted sentence.

Mahmoud Sanoussi was one of 14 men who gang-raped a teenage girl 25 times in western Sydney.

He was jailed for 11 years but is eligible for parole after receiving a discounted sentence because he pleaded guilty and showed remorse.

Sydney: tears of killer driver

June 15, 2008
Ismail Khodr, 32, of Yagoona, was refused bail yesterday over the crash that killed the 15-year-old in the early hours of Thursday...

... has a history of criminal and driving offences including dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, assault and robbery.

He was jailed for four years in 1999 for maliciously wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after driving his car at a person.

His licence was most recently disqualified in March 2006 for three years for dangerous driving.

New bikie gang Notorious patrols Kings Cross

June 16, 2008
A NEW breed of criminal gang whose members specialise in drug dealing, extortion and violence is taking over Sydney's premier nightclub district.

Police fear the gang Notorious has become the security muscle for a Kings Cross identity ...

They are largely from Sydney's western suburbs and of Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander background.

Taxpayers foot $20bn bill for war on terror

June 16, 2008
AUSTRALIAN taxpayers have forked out almost $20 billion to protect the country from Islamic terrorists since September 11, 2001.

New figures show that by 2011 the Federal Government will have invested more than $17 billion in direct measures to beef up national security since the brazen al-Qaeda terrorist attacks against the US.

Following the attacks the Howard Government invoked the ANZUS Treaty and committed Australia to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sudanese youth in detention for attack on policeman

June 19, 2008
THE only member of a gang of Sudanese youths identified over a vicious attack on a policeman has been sentenced to a year in a juvenile detention centre.

Dandenong Sen-Det Scott D'Rozario was king-hit and repeatedly punched and kicked after responding to a call that youths were drinking at the wake of a Sudanese-born youth bashed to death in Noble Park a week earlier.

Racial tensions had increased around Dandenong after the fatal bashing of Liep Gony, 18, at Noble Park in October last year.

Thugs steal from six-year-old girl, bash dad

June 20, 2008
LITTLE Lucy Tonkin watched terrified and helpless as a group of three young men set upon her dad, Chris, then beat him savagely as he fell to the ground.

Mr Tonkin had confronted the group after they stole $5 from six-year-old Lucy while she was walking on the street about 50m from her home in suburban Newcastle, New South Wales, on Wednesday afternoon ...

All three are described as being of Aboriginal appearance. One had a short beard but no further descriptions have been issued.

Govt spends $3.4m to help refugees pass citizenship test

Jun 19, 2008
... to help refugees and immigrants pass the citizenship test.

The Grants will provide funding for 33 community organisations across Australia such as migrant resource centres, TAFE and English language schools.

Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans says the organisations help around 35,000 people who have difficulty taking the test.

Brisbane: racist rapist to be freed

June 20, 2008
AN Aboriginal man who committed a series of racially motivated rapes is set to be released into the community following a Court of Appeal hearing ...

Travice Allan Edwards... was 23 in 1994 when he was sentenced to 14 years' jail for the rape of three females - the youngest aged just 12 - a year earlier.

The court was told he would persuade them to travel with him in his car before taking a detour into a forest, where he would rape them.

... he selected the victims - who were all of Caucasian appearance - as a means of expressing his anger towards white people.

Door reopens for Africans

June 21, 2008
KEVIN Rudd has reopened the door to African refugees after it was slammed shut by the Howard government.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans yesterday said Africans would make up about a third of refugees accepted from overseas, as opposed to those accepted after finding their own way here.

At least 3548 Africans will be accepted under the program in the next 12 months -- almost 300 more than last year.

Brisbane: woman fights back following assault

June 24, 2008
A woman who was attacked while walking in Brisbane's south on Friday night fought back and punched her assailant in the face ...

They were approached by a man who pushed one woman to the ground and sexually assaulted the other, who hit back and punched him in the face ...

He was described as being of Islander appearance and in his late 20s, with a proportionate build and about 183cm tall.

Make polygamy legal - sheik

June 24, 2008
Sheikh Khalil Chami of the Islamic Welfare Centre in Sydney's Lakemba today said polygamous marriages, although illegal, existed in Australia and should be recognised ... "Why not? Why not change the law?"

Sheikh Chami said he was asked almost weekly to conduct polygamous religious ceremonies ...

Islamic Friendship Association of Australia president Keysar Trad said recognising polygamous unions would help protect the rights of women in the relationship.

Fast-food outlets to import overseas workers

June 24, 2008
FAST-food outlets in Queensland faced with labour shortages are turning to the controversial Section 457 visas to recruit overseas workers.

Both KFC and McDonald's have used the visas to combat a shortage of workers caused by the state's resources boom.

McDonald's Queensland regional manager Andrew Gregory said it was not by choice the food chain had recruited overseas to provide staff for outlets in Mackay and Mount Isa.

Dole payment plan for illegal migrants

June 25, 2008
The proposal will mostly apply to illegal immigrants on tourist visas who fly into the country and then claim asylum when ordered to leave, rather than the stereotype of people who arrive on leaky boats.

They are not in detention centres and are given a so-called "Bridging Visa E" until their cases are sorted out.

The latest figures show there are 5624 people on the visas but the number often swells to as high as 7000.

Video: 300 Mexicans

Brisbane: Patana Elisaia to admit attack on taxi driver

June 25, 2008
A MAN accused of bashing a Brisbane cab driver after partying with top football players in 2007 will plead guilty, a court has been told.

Patana Arama Elisaia, 28, of the Gold Coast, was originally charged with one count of grievous bodily harm following the assault in August 2007 ...

Elisaia was arrested following the bashing of a taxi driver, who was 52 at the time, outside a Brisbane hotel.

Moore Park, Sydney: boy assaulted in cinema toilet

June 26, 2008
AN eight-year-old boy ... and his nine-year-old friend went to the toilet after watching a movie on the afternoon of June 15 at Moore Park, in Sydney's east.

Police say the boys were at the urinal when a man approached them and indecently assaulted the eight-year-old ...

The man is described as in his early 30s and of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance.

Fake grenade panics police station

June 27, 2008

A NON-English speaking man described as an "unlawful non-citizen" sparked panic in a Sydney police station when he presented a replica hand grenade to an officer, a court heard ...

Shuguang Xu, 49, entered the station about 8pm (AEST) yesterday.

After handing in the grenade, he was searched and allegedly found to be carrying an Amadeo Rossi .38 calibre five-shot revolver and 36 rounds of .38 calibre ammunition ...

No jail for Lam Kuoth over unprotected HIV sex

June 28, 2008

AN HIV-positive man who had unprotected sex with a young woman is expected to be released on a wholly suspended jail term and community-based order.

The prosecution has accepted this would be an appropriate sentence for Lam Kuoth, and yesterday County Court judge Paul Lacava said he agreed "in principle".
June 27, 2007

Sudanese-born Lam Kuoth was arrested earlier this week near his home in the Geelong suburb of Norlane. Detectives from the sexual crimes squad charged Kuoth, 28, with recklessly endangering serious injury after it was alleged he knowingly had unprotected sex on April 22 with a 24-year-old woman who was unaware he carried the virus.

Guildford, NSW: teen stabbed in neck after row

June 29, 2008
A SYDNEY teenager was rushed to hospital with stab wounds to his neck and arms after an argument flared into violence at a unit in Sydney's west.

Police say the incident occurred about 6pm (AEST) yesterday at a property in Talbot Road, Guildford, and police are looking for two other men ...

Two men are sought, and they are described only as being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance.

Taxi drivers riot at Melbourne airport

June 05, 2008

TAXI drivers turned on each other last night outside a Tullamarine cafe, in what appears to have been a racially charged brawl.

According to a witness, up to 30 drivers, some of them brandishing weapons, spilled onto Melrose Drive from the Melrose Lounge.

... witnesses claim the fight began between a Somalian driver and an Indian driver, before mushrooming into a brawl between Indians and drivers from various African nations.

VIC: one in four taxis fail safety blitz

July 24, 2008

Almost one in four Melbourne cabs failed health and safety inspections and 11 were taken off the road in a weekend blitz on taxis.

The exercise, dubbed Operation Safe Hire, screened 309 taxis for safety and cleanliness in Prahran...

The blitz was a joint exercise between police, Centrelink fraud investigators and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and was led by the Victorian Taxi Directorate.

Letter to the editor: immigration and emissions

July 24, 2008
MONASH University social scientist Bob Birrell's observations (The Age, 23/7) are undeniable. Australia's immigration adds to both Australia's and global greenhouse gas emissions because people generally move from low per capita emitting countries to high per capita emitting countries — in this case Australia.

The Government is wasting its energy working in two opposing directions. It strenuously promotes economic and population growth while working on an economic strategy to mitigate the increased emissions of a growing volume of inherently carbon-emitting business activities.

A good federal government would try to direct this country towards sustainability by moderating migrant numbers (other than humanitarian and refugee intakes) and by concentrating on the long-term security of basic requirements for its citizens — food, water and shelter.

Jill Quirk, East Malvern

Australian surfboard maker forced offshore

July 23, 2008

TURBULENT economic times have forced one of Australia's biggest surfboard makers to move production offshore. Firewire Surfboards has been hit by the "double whammy" of a board glut and slump in demand in the key US market.

... it has closed its Burleigh manufacturing facility - which employed about 50 people and churned out up to 400 surfboards a week - and shifted production to its low-cost factory in Thailand.

... "Like all companies, we're tightening our belts and consolidating."

Muslim campaign at RMIT gaining support

July, 2008
Since March this year Muslim students and staff at Melbourne's RMIT University have been waging a determined campaign for the return of their Prayer Room, which has been recast as a "multi-faith" centre unsuitable for practising Islam and not even open at key Prayer times.

The centre of the campaign is the Islamic Society's lunchtime Friday Prayers, which have taken the form of weekly mass protests consistently involving hundreds of people, even through the mid-year break. This is now one of the most sustained and steadfast campaigns on any campus in recent memory. And far from losing momentum, the campaign is ramping up as we enter second semester.

UK: huge £18million mosque approved

July 22,2008
An £18million mosque which will dwarf everything around it has got the go-ahead – des­pite objections from 22,000 people.

It had even been turned down by the local authority, but that refusal has now been over-ruled by a Government inspector.

Angry residents say allowing the 65ft tower and dome is simply pandering to the 7,000-strong Muslim com­munity – which makes up just two per cent of the local population.

The vast building in Dudley, West Midlands, will become as visible as the town’s historic castle, built in 1070, and its main Christian church.

UK: Soapie Neighbours slammed for being 'too white'

July 18, 2008
A report by the nation's racial equality chief found many ethnic viewers felt were under-represented in some of Britain's most popular shows.

Neighbours, which is screened on the Five network, and the BBC comedy The Vicar of Dibley starring Dawn French were singled out for being "all white" ...

Equality and Human Rights Commission chairman Trevor Phillips said many of Britain's major broadcasters remained "hideously white" when choosing programs.

Fitzgerald: No more Muslim refugees

July 23, 2008
In general, Western countries should not make refugee status available to
Muslims who continue to identify themselves as Muslims ...

Start making policy that is based on a clear understanding that adherents of Islam are bearers of an alien and a hostile creed, and that the more such adherents there are, the more difficult -- automatically -- life becomes for the indigenous Infidels, and for other, non-Muslim immigrants, as well.

Somali Muslims who settle in the non-Muslim Western world (especially Italy and the United States) inevitably add to the demographic problem, even if they were hard-working blahblahblah. All immigration from Somalia should be barred, permanently. We owe Somalis, Iraqis, and others absolutely nothing. Let them stay in their own countries, or move to other Muslim countries, where since they share the supremely defining feature of Muslims -- that is, their belief-system -- they may join fellow members of the Umma al-Islamiyya among whom, by the way, are many of the recipients of the most fabulous transfer of wealth in human history.

Sydney: Federal police raid Islamic charity

July 25, 2008
AUSTRALIAN Federal police have raided the office of a Sydney charity as part of an investigation into whether it channelled aid into the Palestinian territories through an Islamic organisation banned by Australia and the US for its alleged links to terrorism.
Officers raided the Lakemba office of Muslim Aid Australia yesterday morning, spending several hours inside speaking to staff.

Kevin Andrews tried to 'bring more Christians'

July 19, 2008
FORMER immigration minister Kevin Andrews instructed his department to lift the intake of Christian refugees from the Middle East in response to what he saw as a pro-Muslim bias created by corrupt local case officers.

... advocating a $200 million plan to replace local employees with Australian staff in 10 "sensitive" countries, including Jordan, Iran and Egypt.

Opposition immigration spokesman Chris Ellison said yesterday this remains Coalition policy.

'Dr Death' returns to Australia

July 23, 2008
A man dubbed "Doctor Death" by Australian media has been returned to Australia to face charges relating to the deaths of patients in his care.

Dr Jayant Patel was granted bail by a Queensland court after arriving on a flight from the United States.

Three charges of manslaughter are among the 14 offences with which Dr Patel is charged. The others include grievous bodily harm, fraud and negligence.

Saudi Schools in the UK should be banned

Added: July 15, 2008

Pat Condell: Islam is not a victim

July 20, 2008

QLD: Mohammed's Harem

A disability pension and multiple wifes ...

How China's taking over Africa, and why the West should be VERY worried

In the greatest movement of people the world has ever seen, China is secretly working to turn the entire continent into a new colony.

Reminiscent of the West's imperial push in the 18th and 19th centuries - but on a much more dramatic, determined scale - China's rulers believe Africa can become a 'satellite' state, solving its own problems of over-population and shortage of natural resources at a stroke.

With little fanfare, a staggering 750,000 Chinese have settled in Africa over the past decade. More are on the way.

WA: Murder charge may be laid over fatal brawl

22nd July 2008
A murder charge may be laid over a fatal Lockridge brawl that resulted in the death of Maori teenager Jon Warena last November.

The District Court was today told that a charge may be upgraded to murder for at least one of four Aboriginal males charged over the incident.
November 07, 2007
WA police have moved to allay fears of a race feud following the death of an 18-year-old Maori man after a savage brawl in Lockridge yesterday.

A 24-year-old and a 29-year-old, both Maori men, are recovering in hospital from serious injuries.

Superintendent Graeme Castlehow said the vicious fight between up to 20 Aboriginal and Maori men was not an indication of a wider racial rift.
The West Australian newspaper claims 60 Maori gathered with weapons yesterday to plan retaliation for the death of 18-year-old Jon Warena, who was in Perth on holiday and due to return home to Turangi this week.

"A deadly race war that erupted in suburban Lockridge has brought warnings of brutal revenge after long-simmering tensions between Aboriginals and Maori sparked a wild street battle which left a New Zealand man dead," the West Australian newspaper said.

Immigration must be cut to tackle climate change

July 23, 2008
IMMIGRATION must be slashed if Australia has any chance of seriously tackling climate change, says a Monash University study.

The report said Australia's high population growth would be a major driver of greenhouse emissions, and would counter tough government measures to reduce carbon output.

But the Rudd Government and its climate adviser Ross Garnaut were ignoring the population issue at their peril, said the study, entitled Labor's Greenhouse Aspirations, by Monash's Centre for Population and Urban Research.

Welcome to nation of university ghettos

July 23, 2008
A WIDENING gulf between local and foreign university students is creating segregated classes, cultural cliques and religious ghettos, raising fears of a backlash on campuses.

International education is a $12.5 billion industry, and foreign students' fees account for an average 15 per cent of universities' overall funding, but a higher education experts warns of "informal but real segregation".


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