Belgian politician Bart Debie jailed for 'racism'

October 29, 2008
Diana West
... Bart Debie ... has been ordered to report to a Belgian prison ... to begin serving a one-year term for “racism.”

Let me explain the ghastly surrealism of this sentence as meted out to this former police officer and former Antwerp City Council Member by the Belgian state: Debie neither made the racist remarks at issue, nor was he even present during the incident. This only adds horrific dashes of Kafka and Koestler to a politically correct prosecution of a member of the political opposition by what may be best described as fascistic little Belgium...

... While responding to complaints about a pair of drunks, Debie and his policemen were attacked by five Turkish men wielding a baseball bat and a knife. Two witnesses testified to this attack in court. After helping to subdue and arrest the attackers, Debie was called away to supervise a SWAT team elsewhere in Antwerp, and his men returned to the station with the Turkish prisoners, who later claimed they had been beaten and subjected to racism while at the station. Debie believes the beating did indeed occur in his absence, although his ultimate conviction was for creating, as he explains it, "an atmosphere which led other people to say such things" as--get this--“Now we have five lambs here and we can slaughter them.”

... The policeman who admitted to making the “racist” comments went unpunished and now serves, Debie told me, on a “team for managing diversity in Antwerp.” Meanwhile, the Turks were never charged for their assault on police.

Having left police work, Debie decided to run for a seat on the Antwerp city council and, as he put it, “make Antwerp safe that way.” He ran as a member of Vlaams Belang, the Establishment-reviled conservative political party that (1) seeks Flemish independence from Belgium, and (2) opposes the Islamization of European culture which Left-wing elites in both Belgium and elsewhere in Europe actually encourage in part to help increase their own constituencies. And Debie won.

It so happens that after Debie was elected, prosecutors appealed his verdict.

Hmmm. I wonder why? Could it be part of the Belgian government’s ongoing campaign against Vlaams Belang, which, as the largest political party in Belgium, presents an continual threat of secession to Belgium (home, after all to “united Europe”) and opposition to Islamization? Even now, two of the leading members of the party, Filip Dewinter and Frank Vanhecke, are facing legal battles of their own to retain their political rights and viability against other completely bogus charges of “racism”—the favored bludgeon of PC Belgians desparate to retain centralized power...

And what does a convicted “racist” in Belgium do to make pay his debt to society? So far, Debie has paid fines of E30,000. He long ago lost his police career, and after this recent conviction, the government of Belgium actually stripped him of his political and civil rights for 12 years locally and five years nationally. All of which sounds, frankly, more Old Soviet than Old Europe...

Tomorrow, barring unforeseen intervention, he reports to overcrowded and violent Vorst prison outside Brussels where he will be serving alongside some of Belgium’s worst criminals, a not inconsequential number of whom are what Debie wryly characterizes as his “former clients.”

This surely puts Debie’s very life at risk, a fact he has urgently pressed onto Belgian authorities, who have so far failed even to acknowledge his safety concerns.

“When I got the news [to report to the prison], I rang to the prison director,” Debie told me. “They knew exactly who I was and they told me, We are very sorry but this is the worst place you could get” assigned to.

October 30, 2008
Lawrence Auster reports Debie's sentence has been suspended...
So, as a result of the authorities' sudden access of humanity, Debie, instead of having been fired from his position as police superintendent, forced off the police force, forced out of the political office to which he was subsequently elected, stripped of his political and civil rights so that he can't vote or run for any office, fined 30,000 euros, and sentenced to prison for a year, he has been fired from his position as police superintendent, forced off the police force, forced out of the political office to which he was subsequently elected, stripped of his political and civil rights so that he can't vote or run for any office, fined 30,000 euros ... and confined to his home for a year.

Clearly, in the EU, the quality of mercy is not strained.
And last year in 'fascistic little Belgium' ...

Peacful demonstrators attacked by Brussels police

Some videos of Debie in court (here and here) and as a policeman (here and here).

And a video by Diana West of Debie's last day in parliament here.

Videos: can divided Belgium hold together?

Belgians divided by language barrier - 23 Sep 07

Belgium Divided?_July 15 2008

There's another video here, and a couple more here (part1 and part2)

The BBC has a few articles on the Belgium Crisis (20 October 2008) ...
Belgium has launched a drive to reshape its institutions, following months of government paralysis. At the heart of the crisis is a tension between the Dutch-speaking Flemish and Francophones. In the final of a series of articles, Henri Astier asks if Belgium can remain united, and considers the lessons for other multi-ethnic entities.
How ironic that the home of the European Union is paralysed by diversity, and sees independent/separatist/homogenous sentiment grow stronger - no doubt partly as a backlash against the assault from open-borders immigration. Chairman Rudd is trying to tell us that open-borders is also the way of the future for Australia. But maybe the real future for Australia is also polarisation, political paralysis, and separation along ethnic lines.

And, just for a spectacle of nature, check out this trailer for a film about Belgium.

Aborigines v Samoans (and Maoris) part 2

October 28, 2008
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UP to 150 protesters have vowed to avenge the death of NRL star Johnathan Thurston's uncle during a protest outside a court south of Brisbane...

Richard Saunders' uncle, Wayne Saunders, said Aboriginal elders had decided to sever all cultural ties with New Zealand Maori, even though they were not linked to the killing, and other Pacific Island groups because of alleged continuing violence by islanders.

"Enough is enough," he said.

"We want to sever all ties with the Maoris and Samoans until they are taught cultural respect.

"These people are working in gangs ... (and) are murdering our people."

Wayne Saunders said he did not want to avenge his nephew, but dozens of other protesters voiced their intention to get even.

One protester, who refused to give his name, said: "If (the Pacific Island community) want to bring it on, they just messed with the biggest gang in Australia."

[And he also called them a 'pack of dogs']

BRIAN Hopper's face is a study in hatred.

"We don't want 'em here," the 22-year-old hollered yesterday. "We give 'em everything -- they get over here, they get free houses, cars and money and they jump the f..king queue and I'm still f..king waiting."

Mr Hopper's rant came not at a white-racist rally, but during a showdown between two of the most downtrodden groups in Australia -- Aborigines and Pacific Island immigrants...

The case has become the flashpoint for conflict between the two communities in Logan, a disadvantaged district at the end of the line from Brisbane, on the way to the glitz of the Gold Coast.

While not commenting on the alleged murder, protester Sovannah Garcia, 20, told The Australian that Islanders had formed two gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, in Beenleigh.

"They get around in gangs, we get around in tribes," she said.

"It's not just the Aborigines; there are a lot of other people out there who will get picked on."

The president of the Logan Elders association, who did not want to be named for fear of retribution, claimed Aboriginal children had been called "coons" by Islanders, and spat upon in buses.

The victim's nephew Frank Saunders claimed that Samoans were "just violent people".

"They won't mix in with the rest of Australia," he said. "They've gotta learn Australian culture."

His sister Michelle Saunders spoke of "racism between the Aborigines and Samoans".

"They're very violent, very push-overy and they work in mobs," she said. "They won't mix in. They gotta know we can't put up with that." ...

"They're bigger than our children and they do whatever they want," she said. "I tell (the youngsters), 'When you go to school and they say anything to you, you just walk away'.

"We correct our children. They can correct their children, too, because this has got to stop."
Don't you love it? Start with the white fella as the benchmark for racism, and anyone else's racism must naturally be due to downtrodden circumstance. Consistency is a virtue...

I lived near Logan for a few years and I didn't feel disadvantaged. This is the first I've heard of Islanders being downtrodden. What did we do to them?

Logan Aboriginal elder ``Uncle’’ Wayne Saunders called on Pacific Islander community leaders to speak to their people in the wake of Saturday’s attack and stop further violence.

``Until they (elders) can teach their people cultural respect, they are visitors here to our country, and if they’re going to bring violence from their country we say it’s not good enough,’’ he said.

``We’re calling for calm from our people so we’re asking them as elders of their groups to go and talk to their people and dismantle these gangs.’’

A BRAWL in a Logan park on Saturday, in which an Aboriginal man was allegedly murdered was sparked by a bashing earlier that night.

This was said by the Samoan community yesterday in their first public defence of the violence that has thrust the two minority groups into open conflict.

A Samoan woman said two of their "boys" were bashed hours before Richard Saunders died.

"It's not something that our boys would just walk up and beat him to death, it's something that they started," said the woman, who asked to be known only as Anne.
Irreconcilable differences. Game over. Back to the drawing board for the diversity ideologues to diagnose yet another botched utopia. I can hear the stomping of the integration fascists marching in. But how, when there's no white guy to blame? I'm sure they'll find a way to blame us.

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Another drive-by shooting at Merrylands

Sunday, 26 Oct 2008
About 2.15am today, unknown persons have fired a volley of shots into the front of a house in Hilltop Road at Merrylands.

A man and woman who were asleep inside the home at the time were uninjured...

Witnesses have told police they heard a vehicle leaving the area at high speed immediately after the shooting.
That's just around the corner from a shooting in Blackwood Rd, Merrylands, back in August which involved investigation by the Middle Eastern Crime Squad.

Video: eight young people hurt in Melbourne car crash

29 October 2008
Video from Herald Sun

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a single vehicle collision in Clayton early this morning.

Around 12.40 am a red Mitsubishi Lancer coupe was travelling west on the Princes Hwy when it appears the driver has lost control and crossed into the service lane before colliding with a pole at the corner of Kennaugh Street.
And crammed into the tiny 2 door were: 6 Sudanese men, 1 Sudanese woman learner driver (I think), and one white girl. My eyeballs are getted tired from rolling.

Obama will emasculate US defence forces

24th October 2008
Melanie Phillips
The impact of the financial crisis on the American presidential election has somewhat obscured the most important reason why the prospect of an Obama presidency is giving so many people nightmares. This is the fear that, if he wins, US defences will be emasculated at a time of unprecedented international peril and the enemies of America and the free world will seize their opportunity to destroy the west.

... As I have said before, I do not trust McCain; I think his judgment is erratic and impetuous, and sometimes wrong. But on the big picture, he gets it. He will defend America and the free world whereas Obama will undermine them and aid their enemies.

Here’s why. McCain believes in protecting and defending America as it is. Obama tells the world he is ashamed of America and wants to change it into something else. McCain stands for American exceptionalism, the belief that American values are superior to tyrannies. Obama stands for the expiation of America’s original sin in oppressing black people, the third world and the poor.

Obama thinks world conflicts are basically the west’s fault, and so it must right the injustices it has inflicted. That’s why he believes in ‘soft power’ — diplomacy, aid, rectifying ‘grievances’ (thus legitimising them, encouraging terror and promoting injustice) and resolving conflict by talking. As a result, he will take an axe to America’s defences at the very time when they need to be built up. He has said he will ‘cut investments in unproven missile defense systems’; he will ‘not weaponize space’; he will ‘slow our development of future combat systems’; and he will also ‘not develop nuclear weapons,’ pledging to seek ‘deep cuts’ in America’s arsenal, thus unilaterally disabling its nuclear deterrent as Russia and China engage in massive military buildups.

Obama would fail security clearance for Federal employees

October 23, 2008
Daniel Pipes
... let us review a related subject – Obama's connections and even indebtedness, throughout his career, to extremist Islam. Specifically, he has longstanding, if indirect ties to two institutions, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), listed by the U.S. government in 2007 as an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-funding trial; and the Nation of Islam (NoI), condemned by the Anti-Defamation League for its "consistent record of racism and anti-Semitism." ...

That Obama's biography touches so frequently on such unsavory organizations as CAIR and the Nation of Islam should give pause. How many of politicians have a single tie to either group, much less seven of them? John McCain charitably calls Obama "a person you do not have to be scared [of] as president of the United States," but Obama's multiple links to anti-Americans and subversives mean he would fail the standard security clearance process for Federal employees.
Strange how the highest office in the land isn't subject to security clearance.

Youths charged following shooting at Parramatta

21 Oct 2008
Two youths have been charged after a shooting at Parramatta on Saturday night... Hassall Street, near the cross of Wigram Street... a 32-year-old man was located suffering a gunshot wound to his upper left leg...

A 17-year-old Guildford boy was arrested at Merrylands Police Station... a 15-year-old Guildford boy was arrested at a technical college in William Street at Granville.
Kids with guns. Probably the usual suspects. That's life in diversity.

Do the Greens weep for victims of immigration policy?

October 28, 2008

A post at the Realists lists a few of today's victims of immigration/diversity, followed by a Greens call for a Royal Commission into the alleged death of 20 rejected Afghani asylum seekers. If all the domestic victims of diversity-driven crime were stacked up, they would well outnumber 20. Would the Greens also call for an inquiry into diversity and immigration policies? No. But we know consistency isn't a virtue, for some.

Diversity, no matter what the domestic cost: that's the real Greens policy.

Video: launch of British Pride website

October 21, 2008

Indigenous TV channel begins broadcasting

Oct 27, 2008
A national Indigenous television network, established by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders last year, will begin broadcasting on digital channel 40 to homes in the Sydney metropolitan area from today.

NITV is the latest free-to-air digital channel, along with ABC2, SBS and channels 7, 9 and 10.

Its publicity material says the channel features "a daily news and weather service created for and by indigenous people, award-winning sports programs, stunning dramas, insightful documentaries, cultural programming, music events, children's shows, hilarious comedy, indigenous lifestyle and reality series and entertaining movies".
That's great. But are the same rights afforded to whites? No. White TV is just lambasted as hilarious or hideously white and turns browner by the day. And whilst indigenous are granted land rights, is the same afforded to whites? Can the people of Camden resist the Islamification of their area? No. Consistency is not a virtue, apparently.

Video: Aboriginal v. Samoan tension over bashing death

27 Oct 2008
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Videos here, here and here.

3 News in NZ reports that 9 people have now been charged over the bashing death of Richard Saunders, uncle of rugby league star Johnathan Thurston. It also reports longstanding and heightened racial tensions between Aboriginals and Samoans/Islanders. One Aboriginal said "These bashings are going on all over Brisbane. Just this morning on the bus a young Aboriginal woman was spat in the face by a Samoan or New Zealander, whichever ones they are. What are they? They're all the same to us. Aboriginal people here are being bashed and murdered in this country, in their own country, they're getting bravery awards ... for killing Aboriginal people". Police recovered a machete and metal bar near the attack and more suspects are being questioned. The 9 arrested are aged between 15 and 24.

Yet another victim of the failed diversity experiment. The Courier Mail and Australian also report ethnic tensions, fear of gang violence, Islanders yelling abuse at the court house, along with continued police denial.

Richard Saunders' uncle, Wayne Saunders, said:
"The Aboriginal people here are being bashed and killed (by Pacific Islanders) all the time," Wayne Saunders said.

"It has got to the stage we are too afraid to leave our houses at night.

"This is our country and we are no longer safe because of these people. We should send them home."
All nine charged males are believed to be of Pacific Islander descent and have been charged with murder.

Update: more than 100 Aborigines gathered outside Beenleigh court and warned of revenge attacks. Wayne Saunders also called on Aboriginal elders to cut ties with Pacific Islands communities.

More on this story in part2.

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Palin echoes McCain's pro-amnesty

October 22, 2008
Lawrence Auster
In an interview on Univision, the Spanish language TV station, Gov. Palin sticks—loyally and incoherently—to the McCain line on amnesty. So loyally that she implicitly echoes McCain's damaging lie that the only alternative to deporting 12 million illegal aliens is to legalize all of them, or, she makes clear, almost all of them...

But none of this matters to the conservatives. All of this is just great with the conservatives—because (drum roll) Sarah is pro-America.

Man jailed for raping unconscious woman

October 27, 2008

Mohammad Khan, 28, who grew up in Qatar, was found guilty of raping a woman he met the night before at 3D nightclub in Melbourne. At 5:30am the next day the woman awoke in an alley to find a man on top of her being jeered on by friends. The woman believed she was drugged.

The Courier Mail, with typical neo-journalistic fatalism, laments the alcohol and violence culture, but does not lament or even question the role immigration has in this or similar rapes.

Audio: African refugees in Castlemaine

26 October 2008
Radio National
The former gold mining town of Castlemaine, just over one hour's drive from Melbourne, hasn't seen an influx of immigrants since the Chinese 150 years ago. This industrial and historically attractive arts-based town is now the home of around 80 Sudanese and Burundi refugees.

On the outskirts of town is KR Castlemaine, one of the major industries in the Mount Alexander Shire. The East African newcomers were encouraged to move to Castlemaine because of employment with the smallgoods meat company.

They've been gradually settling here since September 2006 with the assistance of the New Hope Foundation and the Bendigo Regional Ethnic Communities Council.

The Sudanese and Burundi elders have formed the East Africa Community of Castlemaine. This group deals with problems within its community. It's also a mechanism for the long-term residents of Castlemaine to have formal access to this new community and vice versa.

The program gives an insight into developing relationships between a broad range of people who are determined to make this resettlement a success. We also hear some extraordinary stories of courage and survival.

Further Information

Sudanese Lost Boys Association of Australia
I don't blame African refugees for taking advantage of the door opened to them. But, as for those organisations that assist them coming here, well they're off my Christmas card list. And that includes the founding chairman of New Hope Foundation Frank Crean (former Whitlam minister). Labor politicians are attacking Australia's social cohesion and peaceful lifestyle even after they have long left office.

League star's uncle killed in park bashing

October 26, 2008

Richard Saunders, the uncle of rugby league star Johnathan Thurston, died in an attack in the early hours of Saturday morning at Ewing Park, Woodridge, south of Brisbane. Two teenagers have been charged. A woman at the scene said Saunders and two friends were attacked unprovoked by a mob of 50 people of Maori appearance, and said Saunders was hit with a fence paling and bottles 100 times. Saunders is the brother of Thurston's mother Debbie who is Aboriginal. The two other men are in hospital. Bystanders said the brawl was the result of friction between two local groups.

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Update on Mormon stabbing in Sydney

October 24, 2008

I ran into two Mormons today and, whilst I only got half a minute with them, one of them told me the stabbing took place in Auburn. I asked him if it was unprovoked and he said with the trademark smile "yeah I think some people don't like us" - albiet a little nervously. I didn't get time to ask anymore.

So it looks like at least one of the Mormons was/is living in Auburn and, on the face of it, a group of Middle Easterners/Muslims simply didn't like his presence. So it still looks like a hate crime which is still unreported by police and the media i.e. it still stinks!

Video: Mormons stabbed in Sydney's "little Lebanon"

October 16, 2008

Videos here, here and here.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Wednesday that Chris Collinsworth, 19, of Mapleton, Utah, and David Ferguson, 21, of Great Falls, Mont., "suffered multiple non-life threatening stab wounds in an unprovoked attack ..."

Both were hospitalized after the attack Tuesday night...

A state police spokeswoman, speaking on the police policy condition of anonymity said that Collinsworth and Ferguson by three unknown men, who made no demands of the two missionaries. The men were described by as being Middle Eastern in their appearance, the spokeswoman said.

Alisa Collinsworth said her son was stabbed in the back near his kidney. She said Ferguson had the tendons cut in his hand and needed surgery...

"He said they were just walking him home when all of a sudden he just gets hit from the side, just slammed," his mother said.

Chris Collinsworth said he fought back, but told his parents that several men jumped on top of him. He got stabbed at some point during the "dog pile," his mother said.

Alisa Collinsworth said her son told her that Ferguson was cut and injured when he jumped in to get the attackers off his companion. Ferguson bled profusely and Collinsworth used a tie to make a tourniquet, his mother said.

Alisa Collinsworth said her son told her he also was held from behind and his shirt pulled over his head while several people kicked him in the face and stomach. The attack ended when a motorist pulled up and started yelling and pounding on his horn, she said...

Chris Collinsworth has only been on his mission in Sydney, Australia for six months, so his family was surprised to get a phone call from him early yesterday morning. It was news they never expected to hear: 19-year-old Chris and his companion had been attacked and stabbed.

On and off the court, Chris has proved he's not one to back down. Yesterday, he and fellow missionary, David Ferguson from Montana, were walking home when a man jumped Chris.

"He's just going along, and somebody came up and just got him from the side, just smacked him and tackled him," Chris's mother, Alisa, said.

Chris fought back but soon found himself outnumbered.

"Then he got jumped by a couple more, and there were knives involved. And somewhere along the way, he got stabbed in the back," Alisa said.

When Ferguson tried to help, he was stabbed in the hand and thigh.

The men began to attack Chris again, knocking him to the ground and kicking him until a man driving by honked his horn. "The guy yelled out his window really, really loud and it scared them off," Alisa explained.

Chris was badly beaten and suffered a stab wound to the back. But both he and Ferguson were released to the mission home today.

Alisa doesn't know why the men attacked her son, but she thinks the motive may have been something other than religion. "They said they think they targeted Chris because he's such a big guy," she said.

... Ferguson had the tendons cut in his hand and needed surgery.

Ferguson's father, Great Falls attorney Cameron Ferguson, says his son plans on completing his mission.

Both missionaries were transported to a nearby hospital after being attacked by "at least three men," in a section of Sydney known as "Little Lebanon," according to Collinsworth's father, Jeff Collinsworth.

UPDATE: this page from the 15th quotes the mother being more specific:

Meanwhile, the United States embassy in Australia is said to be investigating the incident. An official motive has not been released, though Collinsworth's mother believes it was a combination of racial and religious reasons.

"Chris is in a real melting pot, there's guy from all over the world," said Alisa Collinsworth. "He said the guys who came after him were Lebanese Muslims and they were grown men... they were big guys."

UPDATE 2: Whilst speaking with some Mormons, I was told the stabbing took place in Auburn.

UPDATE 3: there is a Mormon account of the stabbing here.
Big, white, Christian, and American in south-west Sydney. There's four reasons to watch your back. This happened about last Tuesday the 14th. That's a week ago. Has any Australian media covered it? I couldn't find any. Is it on the NSW Police media site? I couldn't find it. What's going on? Just a flesh wound was it? Afraid of sparking another Cronulla? How many more stories haven't we been told about? And has someone told Collinsworth's mother to deflect any racial and religious motivation?

I'm not exactly sure where Little Lebanon is. I'd guess either Bankstown, Lakemba or Auburn. A message on facebook suggests Auburn. More on the story here.

Chris Collinsworth: A 6-foot-9 forward, Collinsworth is an all-around player whose versatility makes him a key contributor to the Cougars' up-tempo style of play. A skilled player at both the small and power forward positions, he is a talented scorer with good range and the ability to put the ball on the floor. He played in all 35 games for the Cougars as a true freshman in 2007-08, making six starts while ranking fourth on the team with 4.8 rebounds per game. He came to BYU out of Provo High School where he was named the 2007 Gatorade Utah Boys' Basketball Player of the Year after leading the Bulldogs to the state title.

Sorry mate, your near-death experience isn't newsworthy in Australia, apparently. Maybe if things were the other way around and you were Middle Eastern and attacked by a group of whites, maybe the media and police might have reported it.

New York Police Union wants video game pulled

October 15, 2008

I noticed this game for sale at my local shopping centre.
New York's powerful police unions say that a violent new video game called "Saints Row 2" is an abomination. In the game, the player controls a gang member who can steal, do drugs and kill as many characters as possible, including police officers.

Union officials say the game dehumanizes police officers, trivializes violence and sets a terrible example for young people. The game's maker says it's meant for people 17 years and older.
But how will I satisfy my inner need to kill some police? This is a violation of my human rights. I'm calling a civil rights lawyer.
A blood-soaked new video game boasts enough violence, guns and gratuitous sex to make Grand Theft Auto seem as tame as Pac-Man - and it has cops hopping mad.

The over-the-top Saints Row 2 encourages players to butcher cops with chain saws, smoke drugs, annihilate rival gangsters and run prostitution rings.

"There [is] quite possibly no other game that can come close to the sheer number of explosions, bullets, murder and vulgarity on tap here," the gaming Web site proclaimed in a mostly glowing review.

Many in law enforcement and politics don't find any of it remotely entertaining.

"These horrible and violent video games desensitize young people to violence while encouraging depravity, immorality while glorifying criminal behavior," said NYPD union boss Patrick Lynch.
Here are some videos (language warning): trailer, cop killing, trailer 2, cop killing 2, cop killing 3.

What sort of society permits the indulgence in a fantasy to kill police and citizens all in a realistic urban setting? A demented one.

UK: Trader fined over 'racist' mail

AN internet trader who put racist stickers on packages has been fined after they were spotted by Muslim postal workers.

The stickers, which had the statement 'no more mosques' and a cartoon figure of a Muslim with a bomb exploding from his head, were found at the Royal Mail Centre, on Green Lane, Stockport...

Mr Lake, defending, said: "It was an expression of freedom of speech. Freedom to express your views should not only include the inoffensive, but also the contentious, providing it does not provoke violence. And a freedom of speech that does not include the contentious is not worth having."

Sentencing, District Judge Tim Devas, said: "I believe the defendant was aware of the distress his comments could have caused."
I'm feeling some distress right now.
Kneen’s internet account has been suspended and he is no longer able to trade in electronics.

Video: Ireland fans sing French anthem in Paris

June 21, 2007
As the home crowd stood in silence the away support sang La Marseillaise with great gussto. Something that everyone who was there will remember... Just because you don't know the words doesn't mean you can't sing the song.
I'm guessing the French crowd was again unpatriotic immigrants. Hence the Irish sang it for them.

Muslim Moroccan Becomes Mayor of Rotterdam

Oct 18, 2008
Ahmed Aboutaleb... migrated to the Netherlands at the age of 14. He is the first mayor to be born and raised outside the Netherlands. He is also the first Muslim to become a mayor in the Netherlands. Some 45 percent of the 582,000 citizens of Rotterdam are of foreign origin.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Dutch Freedom Party, which opposes Islam, criticized the appointment of Aboutaleb. Two years ago, when Aboutaleb became a member of the Dutch government, Wilders demanded that Aboutaleb renounce his Moroccan citizenship.

Appointing a Moroccan as mayor of the second largest Dutch city is just as ridiculous as appointing a Dutchman as mayor of Mecca,” Wilders says, adding that Aboutaleb “should become mayor of Rabat in Morocco.” Wilders insists that Aboutaleb shows where his loyalty lies by renouncing his Moroccan citizenship.

Migration not helping skills shortage

October 16, 2008
Registered nurses, dentists, engineers, radiographers, urban planners, occupational therapists, electricians, bakers, bricklayers, mechanics, carpenters and chefs are among the top 20 occupational shortage areas identified by the states and territories.

But Immigration Department data shows overseas students under the skilled immigration category are flocking instead into hospitality management, welfare studies, hairdressing, accounting, cookery and computing.

Video: French immigrants boo France national anthem

October 16, 2008

Andrew Bolt has a story on French immigrants booing the French national anthem during a soccer game in Paris between France and Tunisia. Video here. There's a clear audio here.
So who is doing this mass-booing of the French national anthem?

Many of the 60,000 crowd on Tuesday were Tunisian - friendlies against North African sides traditionally attract widespread support from sizeable immigrant communities in and around the French capital.

Oh. And note how these immigrants treat those of their community who side with the country that’s given them a new home - and the social security with it:

Some booed when the names of the French players were read out over the PA system before kickoff, reaching a crescendo for Hatem Ben Arfa, born in France to Tunisian parents and who opted to play for the country of his birth despite overtures from the Tunisian Federation.
Similar video of games in Paris versus Algeria and Morocco. When it comes to diversity, when you get a sizeable population of diverse immigrants, you can no longer assimilate them. It becomes colonisation and will end in devolution, secession, partition i.e. you will lose that part of your country. It's a sleepwalk to segregation, and worse.

Video: a Fond History of the French Football Team

October 17, 2008

Watch here. Pretty funny, and relevant to those countries who's national teams are being ethnically cleansed of whites. Language warning. Not sure of the meaning of wooden spoons.

Dean Hofstee killed by drunk and speeding learner driver

October 1, 2008

Dean Hofstee, a 19-year-old Queensland University student was struck and killed by an out-of-control car outside a Southbank hotel in Melbourne. The car was driven by Puneet Puneet, a learner driver who is studying hospitality management on a student visa from India. Puneet allegedly was driving more than 150km/h in a 60km/h zone and had 0.165 blood alcohol - more than three times the legal limit. Puneet blamed a cat and sore eyes for the crash. Clancy Coker, 20, fellow student of Griffith University was also seriously wounded and is in hospital.

Videos here and here and here.
Photos of Dean Hofstee and crash site here.
Photos and video of surfer tribute and funeral here.

Brothers charged with stabbing woman at Crown Casino

October 09, 2008

Tan Anh Nguyen, 26, and Dong Nguyen, 24, both of Broadmeadows allegedly robbed and repeatedly stabbed a 58-year-old woman in the underground carpark of Melbourne's Crown Casino, in broad daylight, leaving her with five wounds and in hospital.

Video: baseball bat attack at Keilor Downs College

September 19, 2008
Video here.

Police are looking for a gang of five Pacific Islanders who allegedly invaded Keilor Downs College (Melbourne) and beat a student to a 'pulp' with a baseball bat. The gang was mid teens to early 20's. Four students were injured, one left in hospital. Sparked by an ongoing disupte between two girls.

Murder charges for assault of Matthew McEvoy

13 October 2008
Homicide Squad detectives have today charged two people with murder following the death of a 24-year-old Cranbourne man last month.

Matthew McEvoy died following an assault outside a city nightclub (Queensbridge Hotel, Southbank) on 7 September 2008.

Andryas Tello, 21, of Roxburgh Park and 18-year-old Lauren Sako, also of Roxburgh Park were each charged with one count of murder and affray.
Tello allegedy punched McEvoy in the face without warning, after a dispute, and then king-hit him again from behind a security guard. Sako is alleged to have kicked McEvoy's head when he was on the ground. Funeral. The links have pictures. I don't know what their ethnicity is.

Tello ... "was born in Iraq, Baghdad (and) came to Australia in 1998"... from a loving, Catholic family.

Audio: Harlem voters

October 13, 2008

Harlem voters agree with McCain's policies, if you tell them they are Obama's policies. They even approve of Obama's Vice President nominee Sarah Palin.

Immigration and the pending white minority

August 24, 2008
Craig Nelsen (director of Project USA)
... let's start by assuming that white Americans share with all peoples throughout the world at all times throughout history the characteristic that being disempowered as a group is a negative--like being conquered, or being subjugated.

Let's assume that it is the same disaster for whites that whites consider it to be for everyone else.

Let's assume there is nothing magical about being white that permits whites the luxury of indifference to this disempowerment--this permanent disempowerment.

Let's assume whites are not so superior that they can ignore gritty, bloody reality--that they can ignore, as if he were a precocious child, Willie Brown, the black former speaker of the California Assembly, when he says, "I think most white politicians do not understand that the race pride we all have trumps everything else."

Let's assume the United States is a nation not so exceptional that Americans of any color can opt out of the destiny that demography is.

If we make these assumptions--assumptions future generations will curse us for not making--then the new Census Bureau projections plainly demand an immediate and radical change in public policy, and an all out effort to accomplish this change.

In particular, the projections demand an immediate time-out on mass immigration like the 40-year time-out the nation wisely implemented in 1924 at the peak of the last great wave of immigration....

In September 1920, a bomb one-twelfth the size of the Oklahoma City bomb exploded in front of 23 Wall Street in New York City, capping years of rising concern over the threat to the domestic order posed by the massive influx of foreigners.

As James Fulford writes at, "Wall Street support for immigration takes a sudden drop" and within four years the great time-out had begun--30 years after organized efforts to restrict immigration had begun.

It wasn't until the corrupting influence of the profiteers was sidelined that 1924 America could implement the necessary time-out.

The question we face now, then, is: must we wait for another bombing on Wall Street or its equivalent before the corporate profiteers will again loosen their grip on the nation's future and stop driving the country headlong into demographic meltdown for their own selfish benefit?

Or can we retake control of immigration policy before that happens?
Lawrence Auster
When I met Craig Nelsen years ago, around the time he was getting started with ProjectUSA, and talked immigration with him, he was focused on the negative effects of immigration-caused population growth. He eschewed any concern about the effect of immigration on the racial and cultural character of our society, let alone on the white race as the white race. He's traveled some distance since then.

There is no issue before us more important than the weakening, marginalization and dispossession of the white West.
Project USA
ProjectUSA is an immigration restrictionist organization whose slogan is: "For a moderate and democratic immigration policy." It advocates: "ending illegal immigration;" "reducing legal immigration to traditional, sustainable levels;" and "a ten-year time-out while the country reassesses immigration in terms of the long-term consequences of the present policy."

"We believe a modern immigration policy will be one that places more importance on the long-term consequences of current policy on our grandchildren, and less importance on the mythologized nation of our grandparents."

While some restrictionist groups insist that immigration flows harm the U.S. economy by taking jobs, lowering wages, and sapping tax revenues, ProjectUSA has adopted a more nationalistic and socially conservative approach. According to ProjectUSA, "We believe the United States is a country, not a market, and we believe a country should do its own work. We believe that it is possible to advocate a moderate immigration policy without being anti-immigrant in the same way it is possible to be on a budget without being anti-money. We believe the advocacy of mass immigration on economic grounds is inherently evil: humans are not packaged goods."
Craig Nelsen questions Governor George Bush about immigration issues, 2000

Ditto Australia.

Racial preference comes out of the closet

October 14, 2008
Baron Bodissey
... Yet black racism is rarely publicly acknowledged, especially by whites. Judging by the MSM, it doesn’t exist. The only people who discuss it are right-wing extremists and dyed-in-the-wool racists like me.

If you want proof of the strength of racial solidarity among American blacks, consider the reaction of black conservatives to the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Armstrong Williams is a prominent American conservative who happens to be black. To give you an idea of his conservative credentials, he sometimes fills in on the radio for Rush Limbaugh when the latter is on vacation.

So there’s no way that Mr. Williams would support Barack Obama for President of the United States, right?

Think again:
Black conservative talk show host Armstrong Williams has never voted for a Democrat for president. That could change this year with Barack Obama as the Democratic Party’s nominee.

I don’t necessarily like his policies; I don’t like much that he advocates, but for the first time in my life, history thrusts me to really seriously think about it,” Williams said. “I can honestly say I have no idea who I’m going to pull that lever for in November. And to me, that’s incredible.”

Just as Obama has touched black Democratic voters, he has engendered conflicting emotions among black Republicans who are far fewer in numbers…

Among black conservatives,” Williams said, “they tell me privately, it would be very hard to vote against him in November.”
Since Barack Obama’s political positions are obviously repugnant to him, Armstrong Williams is considering voting for the senator solely because of his race.

He’s taking care of his own.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a laudable motive.

But when a white person does the same thing, it’s RACISM.

Or fascism. Or Nazism. Or xenophobia. Or any one of a number of other vile ideological positions which polite (i.e. white) society deems beyond the pale.

This is the ideological fever from which we must recover. We need a strong dose of political quinine, so that we may awake cool and lucid, and realize that the raging behemoths we saw in our febrile fantasies are only hallucinations. We have nothing to fear from them...

I propose a conscious, pro-active decision to overcome all these decades of indoctrination.

I propose the positive affirmation of “racism” as a natural human instinct which must be socialized and controlled, but which is not inherently evil.

I propose that we proclaim our loyalty to those closest to us: to our local communities, to our provinces and states, and to our nations. These are the entities that we hold dear, that represent what we are, and that have the only legitimate claim to our allegiance.

I propose that we refuse the poisonous taxonomies of the Left that have been foisted upon us for the last four generations. We must recover our traditions, our roots, and our heritage. Each subset of the West has its own distinct identity which it can claim as its birthright, even while recognizing the legitimacy of all the other branches. This is a true celebration of diversity.

I propose a refusal to accept the indignities and abominations that are handed out to us by our cultural betters with the intention of branding us as racists.

I propose that we draw back the drapery and expose the Man Behind the Curtain.

I propose that we take care of our own.
Immigrants and minorities will deny racial preference so long as it is to their advantage i.e. until they become a majority or build up their own ethnic population as big as possible. Then they will have no need to pretend anymore.

Video: New York's Muslim Day Parade gets ugly

October 12, 2008
Atlas video

Pictures from Atlas ...

Finger at the ready ...

Pictures from Jihad Watch ...

Spencer: Both pictures show signs from The Islamic Thinkers Society, the New York jihadists who have threatened my life and called for Sharia in the U.S.

Spencer on moderate Muslims

October 13, 2008
Journalists and experts talk all the time about moderate muslims but no one has ever come up with a definition of sort. Why?

Spencer: Because all the orthodox sects of Islam and schools of Islamic jurisprudence teach warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. What, then, is a moderate? Someone who is not waging jihad at the moment? A jihadist who is practicing Muhammad’s dictum “war is deceit” and trying to lull infidels into thinking there is no jihad threat? A lax or nominal Muslim who doesn’t care to wage jihad? An ignorant Muslim who doesn’t know about jihad? A genuinely reformist Muslim who rejects the violent and supremacist elements of traditional Islam? Most journalists and experts use the term “moderate Muslim” imprecisely and without definition because they don’t even know enough about Islam to ask the proper questions of these “moderates” or even to know what they should expect from them?

Imran Khan: terrorists 'wouldn't dare hurt cricketers'

October 11, 2008
PAKISTANI cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan said yesterday the Australian cricket team would have been safe from terrorist attacks if it had gone to Pakistan, as terrorists knew that such an attack would have lost them public sympathy.

More than 1300 people have been killed this year in a string of bombings by insurgents...

Cricket Australia's reluctance on security grounds to send the team to Pakistan for the Champions Trophy... caused great resentment in the country...

"They rely on public sympathy, which they have right now because the American war on terror, amongst the masses, is seen to be a war against Islam. So they have their sympathy."
So, despite killing 1300 this year, moderates are still teetering on being sympathetic with terrorists. They are indifferent to the bombings and blood and limbs strewn across the street: "hey, whatever man, that's Islam, that's Pakistan, that's life, it's America's fault, what can you do?". But if they dare bomb cricket, well, the mighty moderate Muslim will rise up and unleash fury. How pathetic. Khan doesn't even suggest a tiny minority of Muslims might be teetering on sympathising with terrorists. Nope, he bluntly admits they have sympathy "amongst the masses".

Moderate Muslims will allow their country to be bombed to smithereens, just don't touch our cricket. That's why a Muslim reformation will never happen. Because moderate Muslims hold "great resentment" for a cancelled cricket tour but no great resentment for terrorists. The only way moderates can overcome extremism is by one word: distance. They have to distance themselves ideologically, culturally, visually, and geographically from the terrorists - polarise the Muslim community with a great resentment for extremists. But how can you do that when Muhammad set such a fine example to follow? You can't.

Video: Coal 4 Breakfast

October, 2008

Watch at youtube. See related Nine News video story.
At Haystack on the Darling Downs, a mining development licence has been granted by the state government to the state government owned Tarong power to develop a mine on 13,000 hectares of prime agricultural country. This country is farmed in an environmentally sustainable way and has won national Landcare awards for the work done in the area to promote ecologically friendly farming practices.

In the last year alone the area taken up by this mining licence has produced enough wheat for 68 million loaves of bread, enough sorghum to feed 14 million chickens as well as thousands of tonnes of malting barley, edible chick peas and mung beans. In an era when food prices are rising, a United Nations report recently predicted that in the next 50 years the world will need to produce as much food as it has in the last 10,000 years! Can we really afford to destroy this land.

In 20 years when the windfall for the state coffers has ended and the world no longer wants coal, Australia will stand condemned on the world stage for its greedy rapacious ways and environmental vandalism. This iconic farmland and much more will no longer produce food! Will our children and society really think it was worth it?

Video: Coal Mines To Replace Farms in Australia

September 15, 2008

Watch at youtube. With the mining boom in full swing, mining coal seems more important than Growing food. Liverpool Plains in north-west NSW, and Felton on Queensland's Darling Downs.

See also:

Video: Rev. Manning - blacks go primal if Obama wins

October 06, 2008

The Honorable James David Manning tells people to run for the border if Obama becomes president.

Scarborough brawl sparks calls for fixed police post

9th October 2008
A City of Stirling councillor wants a permanent police post at Scarborough Beach following yesterday’s beach brawl that left a 39-year-old man with a fractured jaw, cheekbone and lacerations.

Coastal ward councillor Bill Stewart said he would like to see a fully-manned police post operative on the beach from October to May, along with random horse patrols and increased State Government contribution to the beach’s infrastructure projects.
Diversity: the permanent police state. The papers reported an incident between a 39-year-old man and five African youths. A commenter suggests the 39yo man raised up a group of 20 whites for a second round of fighting. Whatever. Everyone is looking for someone to blame, but the real culprits are the politicians and global village advocates who keep peddling the diversity ideology despite a significant percentage of people explicitly rejecting it. Denial doesn't solve anything.

Video: Nick Griffin - a looonnngg speech

October 11, 2008

He starts off talking about the financial crisis, which put me to sleep, but he then gets around to talking about the general BNP approach i.e. restoring white communities. It's so refreshing to see a party that puts community first. No skinheads, no nazis, just real white people interested in preserving the 'boring homogeneous' thing called community.

Dewinter in a battle with activists in Ghent, Belgium

October 10, 2008
Gates of Vienna - part1 and part 2
Videos here and here
Near the auditorium “Blandijn” of Ghent University, a violent uproar occurred before the start of a debate organized by the NSV (Nationalist Students Association). At the entrance of the building a violent confrontation occurred when Filip Dewinter of Vlaams Belang with a score of supporters tried to gain access.


A group of activists from left-wing student associations had blocked access and kept opponents outside with violence. Both sides then pushed and pulled and there were some blows exchanged.

Admission Rector

It was the first time that the rector had allowed the NSV to organize a debate on the premises of the university. The event was supposed to start at 8:00pm with a debate between Filip Dewinter and Jean-Marie Dedecker (LDD) about the cooperation between the Netherlands and Flanders. However, activists from left-wing student associations had blocked admission to the university building at 6:00pm.

Harassment by the extreme left

Dewinter had previously announced that he “would not let himself be intimidated by threats from the extreme-Left”. After consultation with the rector and the police he walked to the blocked entrance with his supporters. In the violent confrontation that resulted both sides exchanged blows and slaps and one supporter of the extreme right sustained a head-wound.

Order Troops

The police were present with fifty troops on the ground, and intervened. With the help of order troops and a water cannon the groups were driven apart.

Attack on freedom of expression

In response Dewinter said the incident was “an attack on freedom of speech”.

“We were struck and beaten because we wanted access to a university for an approved debate. The so-called anti-fascists used fascist methods to try to silence us. This can not be allowed in a democracy.”

Debate canceled

When asked whether he also used violence, Dewinter replied: “If someone hits my face, I do not tend to turn my other cheek.” The debate was canceled. The police are still stationed at the location.
Before the event, Filip Dewinter wrote this on his blog :
I will not be scared away by threats and violence, and I will go tonight to the Blandijnberg [Ghent University] in Ghent.
And Diana West ponders whether this thuggish suppression of free speech is brewing in America with The Coming Obama Thugocracy.

732: Charles the Hammer saves the West from Islam

October 11, 2008
Raymond Ibrahim
Today in History: Charles the Hammer saves the West from Islam at Tours

Precisely 100 years of Islamic conquests after Muhammad's death (632), the Muslims, starting from Arabia, found themselves in Gaul, modern day France, confronting a hitherto little known people—the Christian Franks. There, on October 11th, 732, one of the most decisive battles between Christendom and Islam took place, demarcating the extent of the latter’s conquests, and ensuring the survival of the former.

Prior to this, the Islamic conquerors, drunk with power and plunder, had, for one century been subjugating all peoples and territories standing in their western march—from Arabia to Morocco (al-Maghreb, the “furthest west”). In 711, the Muslims made their fateful crossing of the straits of Gibraltar, landing for the first time on European ground. Upon touching terra firma, the leader of the Muslims, Tariq bin Zayid, ordered all the boats used for the crossing burned, asserting “We have not come here to return. Either we conquer and establish ourselves here, or we perish.” Islam was there to stay.

This famous Tariq anecdote—often reminisced by modern day jihadists—highlights the jihadist nature of the Umayyad caliphate (661-750), the superpower of its day. As most historians have acknowledged, the Umayyad caliphate was the “Jihadi-State” par excellence. Its very existence was closely tied to its conquests; its legitimacy as “viceroy” of Allah based on its jihadi expansion.

Once on European ground, the depredations continued unabated. Writes one Arab chronicler regarding the Muslim northern advance past the Pyrenees: “Full of wrath and pride” the Muslims “went through all places like a desolating storm. Prosperity made those warriors insatiable…everything gave way to their scimitars, the robbers of lives.” Even far off English anchorite, the contemporary Bede, wrote, “A plague of Saracens wrought wretched devastation and slaughter upon Gaul.”

... unbeknownst to the Muslims, the battle-hardened Frankish king Charles, aware of their purport, had begun rallying his liegemen to his standard, in an effort to ward off the Islamic drive. Having risen to power in France in 717, Charles appreciated the significance of the Islamic threat. He therefore intercepted the invaders somewhere between Poitiers and Tours, the latter being the immediate aim of the Muslims. The chroniclers give amazing numbers concerning the Muslims, as many as 300,000. Suffice to say, the Franks were greatly outnumbered, and most historians are content with the figures of 80,000 Muslims against 20-30,000 Franks...

“The men of the north stood as motionless as a wall, they were like a belt of ice frozen together, and not to be dissolved, as they slew the Arab with the sword. The Austrasians [Franks], vast of limb, and iron of hand, hewed on bravely in the thick of the fight; it was they who found and cut down the Saracen’s king [Rahman].”

Hanson writes: “When the sources speak of “a wall,” “a mass of ice,” and “immovable lines” of infantrymen, we should imagine a literal human rampart, nearly invulnerable, with locked shields in front of armored bodies, weapons extended to catch the underbellies of any Islamic horsemen foolish enough to hit the Franks at a gallop.”

As night fell upon them, the Muslims and Christians disengaged and withdrew to their tents. With the coming of dawn, it was discovered that the Muslims, perhaps seized with panic that their emir was dead, had fled south during the night, still looting, burning, and plundering as they went. Hanson offers a realistic picture of the aftermath: “Poitiers [or Tours] was, as all cavalry battles, a gory mess, strewn with thousands of wounded or dying horses, abandoned plunder, and dead and wounded Arabs. Few of the wounded were taken prisoner—given their previous record of murder and pillage at Poitiers.”

In the coming years, Charles, henceforth known as Martel—the Hammer—would continue waging war on the Muslim remnants north of the Pyrenees till they all fled back south. Frankish sovereignty and consolidation were naturally established in Gaul, leading to the creation of the Holy Roman Empire—beginning with Charles’ own grandson, Charlemagne, often described by historians as the “Father of Europe.” As historian Henri Pirenne put it: “Without Islam the Frankish Empire would probably never have existed and Charlemagne, without Mahomet, would be inconceivable.”

Aside from the fact that this battle ushered in an end to the first massive wave of Islamic conquests, there are many indications that it also instrumentally led to the fall of the Umayyad caliphate, which, as mentioned earlier, owed its very existence to jihad, victory, plunder and slavery (ghanima). In 718, the Umayyads, after investing a considerable amount of manpower and resources trying to besiege and conquer, Constantinople, lost horribly. Less than fifteen years later, their western attempt was, as seen, also terribly repulsed at Tours. It is no coincidence that a mere 18 years after Tours, the Umayyad caliphate was overthrown by the Abbasids, and the age of Islam’s great conquests came to an end (until the rise of the Ottoman empire which, like the Umayyads, was also a jihadi state built on territorial conquests).

Thus any number of historians, such as Godefroid Kurth, would go on to say that the Battle of Tours “must ever remain one of the great events in the history of the world, as upon its issue depended whether Christian Civilization should continue or Islam prevail throughout Europe.” ...

At any rate, the facts speak for themselves: after the Battle of Tours, no other massive Muslim invasion would be attempted north of the Pyrenees—until very recently and through very different means. But that is another story.

Customer attacked by machete in Coburg cafe

October 05, 2008
Cafe owner Nahid Atilan, 56, said the attack came after he turned the youths away because he feared they would scare his customers...

"They returned Friday and started to push me around after I said they were not welcome.

"One of my best customers, Ahmed, came to help me and all of a sudden they took a machete out of their pants and started attacking us. How in the 21st century, in Melbourne, Australia, can someone try and kill me with a sword?" ...

"They just came to kill, not make a point, just kill. It was unbelievable." he said...

"I can't keep tackling this on my own. The police have to help, but they are useless," he said.

Other traders on the multi-cultural strip said Somali gangs had been increasingly menacing shop owners and patrons...

"They are always drunk and come in here smoking. We always catch them stealing too. They have even had sex in my shop."

Noble Park 3174

September 15, 2008
WITH about 60 per cent of its residents born abroad, Noble Park is one of Melbourne's most culturally diverse suburbs.

It has large Vietnamese and Cambodian communities, and in recent years has experienced a big influx of arrivals from India, Sri Lanka and Sudan...

But the area has also had its share of bad publicity involving crime and ethnic tensions.

Last year local police targeted North African youth gangs over a string of assaults and robberies.

Noble Park resident and City of Greater Dandenong councillor Alan Gordon says the publicity is disturbing for locals.
Ha ha, the "publicity is disturbing". Not the violence, no, just the publicity.

Racism ruins Eid celebration, Liverpool - NSW

AROUND 200 Sudanese Muslims abandoned a lunch to end Ramadan celebrations at Chipping Norton Lakes last Wednesday when a small group of onlookers hurled racist taunts.

Kamalle Daboussy, from the Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre, said: ``People simply left and went home. We wanted to capture the spirit of this special day, but it didn't happen.''

Mr Daboussy said a small group kept intimidating people at the feast with verbal abuse until many left.

He said that the Sudanese community dealt with racism on a regular basis.
Racial abuse? No worries, that's a green light to retaliate.

Stabbing at African party, Hallam - Vic

18th September 2008
... the incident took place at the Hallam Recreation Reserve Hall, along Frawley Road, at about 1.50am last Sunday. More than 150 youths, who police say were of African appearance, were having a private function in the hall to celebrate a local sporting club’s premiership.

... gatecrashers turned up at the premises and a fight broke out, resulting in one man being stabbed with a knife...

Charges not likely over Scarborough race brawl

October 09, 2008
A RACIALLY motivated brawl in Scarborough has left a man in hospital with serious injuries, but police say it is not likely charges will be laid.

Police spokesman Sgt Greg Lambert said Stirling detectives were aware of the identity of juveniles involved in the brawl and had interviewed them, but it was not likely they would be charged as it appeared they had not instigated the fight.

Officers were called to Scarborough beach at 3.30pm yesterday after reports that a melee had broken out between a man and a group of five boys, of African descent.

Police said the man had been walking his dog along the Esplanade when he became involved in an argument with the boys.
So the police are selectively choosing when to apply the law? What if a white man is racially abused and then takes the law into his own hands?