Auster on Wilders

Sept 2008
Wilders interviewed by Beck
After his speech in New York City last Thursday Geert Wilders had a brief but punchy interview on the Glen Beck program. One stand-out moment: Beck said (close paraphrase), "Are you making no distinction between extremist Muslims and other Muslims, because I have a Muslim who works on this show, and he's a peace-loving guy." And Wilders said, "There are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam, Islam is a fascist ideology." On the main point, which is the nature of Islam, he didn't given an inch. What he was really saying was, there may be individual Muslims who don't follow this ideology, but they don't matter. What matters is this ideology that threatens our existence. He then went on to describe the culture of Islam in the Netherlands as violent. So while reasonably acknowledging the existence of individual Muslims who are moderate, he made it clear, with a telegraphic minimum of words, that they are moderate because they don't adhere to the religion. He is unyielding in his characterization of Islam as inherently dangerous and destructive. He strikes no PC notes, and makes no bows to the liberal orthodoxy of non-discrimination. And this was on a mainstream American television program.
Thoughts on Wilders's important speech

Geert Wilders's recent speech to the Hudson Institute in New York City is exceptional. In it, he makes statements about the Islamic threat to Europe, about the European elites' support for the Islamization of Europe, and about the nature of Islam, that are more stark than anything I've seen him say before. For example, he doesn't just say that Islam is, an addition to being a religion, a political ideology; he says that Islam is in its essence a political ideology. He doesn't say, as he did in the movie Fitna, that certain passages in the Islamic scriptures mandate terrorism, or that the fascist parts of the Koran should be outlawed; he says that "the problem is Islam itself." Regretfully, he does not recommend what to do about Islam, but the speech is so powerful and cogent that somehow it doesn't matter. If Islam poses a mortal threat to Europe and the West, and if Islam is the problem, then whatever is to be done to save the West must go beyond the usual nostrums of trying harder to assimilate Muslims and to spread democracy. Of course, Wilders has elsewhere advocated the cessation of Muslim immigration into the Netherlands, and has proposed outlawing the fascist parts of the Koran. Even though it's not clear at this point what such a law would actually consist of, it would, if enforced, make the Netherlands seem so inhospitable to Muslims that at least some of them would start to leave on their own...

Melanie Phillips: fascism rising in Europe

Sept 30, 2008
We should all be shuddering at the news from Austria where neo-Nazi parties, including the Freedom Party led by Hans-Christian Strache (pictured) have emerged as the biggest parliamentary block. It’s awful not just because it’s Austria, that cradle of Nazism which shows yet again that its terrible past remains its present. It’s because the implications are much wider for the whole of Europe – and are unlikely to be recognised before the danger spirals into the unspeakable...

These parties campaigned on an anti EU integration and anti-Muslim platform. Their success is due to the enormous feeling among the people of Europe against, on the one hand, the destruction of their powers of self-government and their assimilation into the undemocratic Euro superstate, and on the other the threat to western culture from Islamist conquest. On both of these seismic issues, the leaders of the democracies are either burying their heads in the sand or are actively bringing them into being. With no democratic party addressing these concerns and instead demonising legitimate nationalist feeling as ‘racist’, xenophobic’ or ‘Islamophobic’, people are turning to parties which truly are racist, anti-foreigner, anti-Muslim, anti-Jew and sometimes, indeed, neo-Nazi, but which are exploiting this political vacuum just as all such parties have always exploited other vacuums in leadership.

This presents a nightmarish prospect in which, if the democratic parties of Europe continue to demonise legitimate aspirations to maintain national cultures against undemocratic and anti-democratic forces, more and more people will be drawn to these parties – see the sophisticated pitch by and increasing support for the BNP in Britain, and social disorder will rise.[...]

The awful thing is that, as the far-right advances and social disorder increases – as it will -- muddled liberals and malign leftists will blame these political and social calamities on ‘the far right’. As a result, the steady encroachment of Islamism will proceed apace -- and anyone who objects will also be demonised as ‘the far right’. The rise of the neo-Nazis will thus turn the defence of democracy toxic. There is therefore a danger that the only people who will be fighting the Islamic fascists and in defence of the nation against the supranational supremacists will be the fascists....
Daniel Pipes agrees.

Minister: Japanese are 'ethnically homogenous'

Sept 29, 2008
The new minister for tourism and transport, Nariaki Nakayama, told reporters on Thursday that Japanese people were "ethnically homogenous" and "definitely … do not like or desire foreigners".

The 65-year-old former education minister also reportedly called Nikkyoso, the country's largest union of school teachers and staff, "a cancer for Japan's education system" and later said he would happily resign rather than retract the comment.

Yesterday the hardline conservative made good on his threat. Soon after tendering his resignation to Mr Aso, he said he had stepped down to ensure the issue did not attract negative attention to his embattled party.
Japan also afraid to speak the truth now?

Andrew Bostom: Muhammad and the Qurayzah tribe

Oct 18, 2005
Alleged to have aided the forces of Muhammad’s enemies in violation of a prior pact, the Qurayzah were subsequently isolated and besieged. Twice the Qurayzah made offers to surrender, and depart from their stronghold, leaving behind their land and property. Initially they requested to take one camel load of possessions per person, but when Muhammad refused this request, the Qurayzah asked to be allowed to depart without any property, taking with them only their families. However, Muhammad insisted that the Qurayzah surrender unconditionally and subject themselves to his judgment. Compelled to surrender, the Qurayzah were lead to Medina. The men with their hands pinioned behind their backs, were put in a court, while the women and children were said to have been put into a separate court. A third (and final) appeal for leniency for the Qurayzah was made to Muhammad by their tribal allies the Aus. Muhammad again declined, and instead he appointed as arbiter Sa’ad Mu’adh from the Aus, who soon rendered his concise verdict: the men were to be put to death, the women and children sold into slavery, the spoils to be divided among the Muslims.

Geert Wilders, Speech in New York

Sept 25, 2008
Geert Wilders, chairman Party for Freedom, the Netherlands
Speech at the Four Seasons, New York
... It is very difficult to be an optimist in the face of the growing Islamization of Europe. All the tides are against us. On all fronts we are losing. Demographically the momentum is with Islam. Muslim immigration is even a source of pride within ruling liberal parties. Academia, the arts, the media, trade unions, the churches, the business world, the entire political establishment have all converted to the suicidal theory of multiculturalism. So-called journalists volunteer to label any and all critics of Islamization as a ‘right-wing extremists’ or ‘racists’. The entire establishment has sided with our enemy. Leftists, liberals and Christian-Democrats are now all in bed with Islam.

This is the most painful thing to see: the betrayal by our elites. At this moment in Europe’s history, our elites are supposed to lead us. To stand up for centuries of civilization. To defend our heritage. To honour our eternal Judeo-Christian values that made Europe what it is today. But there are very few signs of hope to be seen at the governmental level. Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown, Berlusconi; in private, they probably know how grave the situation is. But when the little red light goes on, they stare into the camera and tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, and we should all try to get along nicely and sing Kumbaya. They willingly participate in, what President Reagan so aptly called: “the betrayal of our past, the squandering of our freedom.”

If there is hope in Europe, it comes from the people, not from the elites. Change can only come from a grass-roots level. It has to come from the citizens themselves. Yet these patriots will have to take on the entire political, legal and media establishment

... liberty is the most precious of gifts. My generation never had to fight for this freedom, it was offered to us on a silver platter, by people who fought for it with their lives. All throughout Europe American cemeteries remind us of the young boys who never made it home, and whose memory we cherish. My generation does not own this freedom; we are merely its custodians. We can only hand over this hard won liberty to Europe’s children in the same state in which it was offered to us. We cannot strike a deal with mullahs and imams. Future generations would never forgive us. We cannot squander our liberties. We simply do not have the right to do so...

Video: Pamela Geller Interviews Geert Wilders

Sept 25, 2008

Video is at Atlas Shrugs:
"Today I had the once in a lifetime honor --to spend an hour interviewing Geert Wilders, Parliament member of his own party, the Party of Freedom and producer FITNA."

Wilders speech: I prefer to call them ‘colonists’

17 September 2008
Speech by Geert Wilders during Parliamentary session

Here is video of the first part of the speech, in Dutch. He got a lot of laughs. Apparently his speech was pulled from live TV part way through. You can read along to the video with the full transcript.

The Netherlands is no longer the Netherlands we have grown up in. There is also no longer one Netherlands. There are two Netherlands. The Empire of Balkenende [Prime Minister] is a Kingdom of Two Netherlands.

On the one hand our elite, with its so-called ideals...

But all these so-called ideals of the political elite are minority projects. There is almost no one who still believes in it, except for an ever-smaller gang of leftists hanging on the taxpayers-drip and with permanent jobs for themselves at a subsidy nipple, the government, or a lobby club. Professional Muslims, professional climate fundamentalists, professional chairmen, professional lobbyists...

But alas, Madam President, there is also another Netherlands. My Netherlands.

The other Netherlands consists of people who have to pay the bills. Literally and metaphorically. They are robbed and threatened. Who sigh under the load of the street terrorists, under high taxes and the desire for a socialist Netherlands. They are the people who do not get anything for nothing. They are the people who have built up our country. They are the people who have never believed in the leftist project of the multi-nonsense or climate rubbish or our donations to the cocktail-mafia on the Antilles.

They are the people who are rarely heard here in the Lower House in The Hague. They are dismissed as trailer park trash and xenophobes, as little provincials.

This government puts down this double Netherlands. This government chooses consistently for the Netherlands of the elite and not for the Netherlands of the ordinary people who have to pay the bill...

Nowhere the differences between what the Dutch find and what the elites find is sharper than in the case of mass immigration. Nearly sixty percent of the Dutch people see Islam as the biggest threat to our identity and also nearly sixty percent finds mass immigration to be the biggest mistake since the war. But here in the parliament hardly six percent believe the same thing.

This multicultural society is an expensive business. Thanks to a study by the CPB [Government research bureau] from a few years ago, we know that an average non-western immigrant family will cost Dutch taxpayers 230,000 euros. That is more than one hundred billion euros in total. President, one hundred billion! That’s how much we lost to their multicultural project. One hundred billion euros.
- - - - - - - - -
Just think of what we could have done with that money. We would have been able to arrange a private room for all the elderly in nursing homes many years ago, each with a private nurse. We would have, so to speak, been able to stop working from our fiftieth birthday. Or give everybody a sailboat for a present. We would have been able to buy another country, just for fun. We could have been swimming in money. Instead, we follow the leftist dream to bring half the Islamic world into the Netherlands. The larger the voting flock for the Leftists Church, the better. I sometimes think that on the plane coming here they are already taught: “you vote for Wouter Bos [Socialist Minister of Finance], he will give you benefits.”

... Nearly one third of all crime is committed by non-Western immigrants. When it comes to robbery with violence our non-western immigrants are scoring even more than sixty percent. Why do I never hear the Prime Minister mention this? ...

Madam President, we are losing our country. We are losing our Netherlands. We are losing it to mass immigration. We are losing it to the inflow which is no longer in control. We are losing it to a culture of backwardness and violence. We are losing it to the Moroccan thugs who go though live scoffing and spitting and beating up innocent people. They make the schoolyards and streets unsafe. They stick up their middle finger to funeral processions, threaten and abuse ambulance staff and beat up gay people and hiss ‘whore’ to women. They happily accept our benefits, our homes, our doctors. But not our standards and values.

Madam President, the elite calls these Moroccans, who botch up everything, in a very romantic way “New Netherlanders”. I prefer to call them “colonists”. Muslim colonists. Because they have not come here to integrate, but to take over the lot, to make us submit.

While Germany expels honor-killers, while France refuses the French nationality for those who wear a burqa, this Cabinet only cheers the colonization and Islamization of the Netherlands.

Balkenende IV is not willing to face the problems; he looks the other way and signs the cultural capitulation. On the border of two worlds this government chooses backwardness, this government chooses for the colonists and not for our beloved Netherlands.

You would think that Christians would be an ally in the fight for the preservation of our culture. That they would fight against Islam because they know what the fate of a dhimmi is. Secretary of State Huizinga [Christian Union] can imagine that the Suikerfeest [end of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr] will become a national holiday. Just think of this: a Christian State Secretary of the Christian Union party [ChristenUnie].

That State Secretary is not heard when believers in Gouda at the end of the church service are spit on and besieged by Moroccans. Gouda is Islamizing rapidly.

Crime is exploding, the atmosphere is getting more grim. Moroccans appear five times as often in police statistics as native Dutch do. A Moroccan told a journalist, I quote: “Within ten years we are the boss here. And then we immediately throw that **** Queen of yours out.” End quote. This kind of appalling talk we must never accept.

As always, the Dutch government beats a retreat. Since last Saturday there no more buses driving through parts of the district Oosterwei [Gouda], better known as Little Morocco. Bus drivers are spit on, threatened and robbed.

A bus driver from Gouda wrote me last week: “Mr. Wilders, Moroccans terrorize us. Yesterday, in his first run, a colleague was robbed by a Moroccan with a knife put on his throat while this Moroccan’s friends were sitting outside in a car waiting. They left as cheerfully as if they had been to the cash dispenser of a bank.” ...

President, the PVV stands for a better Netherlands. A Netherlands that is defending our hard-won freedoms. That resists to the ideologies that are not ours and never should become ours.

President, there is some hope in the distance. Not in The Hague. Not in this building. But in the streets, neighborhoods, villages and cities of the Netherlands. There grows the cry for change.

That is what the Party for Freedom stands up for. Denounced in this building, scoffed at by the state broadcasters, spit on by the leftist subsidy slurpers, discredited by the fat and crammed-full left-liberal canal-zone [Amsterdam] elite. But supported by the other Netherlands, that of the ordinary people. The people who do not get everything for nothing. People who desire nothing more than the preservation of their free Netherlands, security, a reasonable salary and a better future for their children. People who have no voice other than the Party for Freedom.

Poll finds low levels of immigration tolerance in Europe

Feb 2007
The results of a survey on perceptions of migrants and migration make worrying reading for those concerned about integration and tolerance in Europe.

The survey, carried out as part of the EU-funded FEMAGE (Needs for female immigrants and their integration in ageing societies) project, drew upon the views of 21,000 native citizens in eight European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia.

Two thirds of respondents in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia thought that there were too many foreigners in their country, while nearly half of Austrians held this belief.

In all countries, respondents were found to have more negative attitudes to foreigners than positive attitudes...

Policy-makers often say that immigration is a partial remedy for population decline... Only 5% of Estonians and 8% of Czechs favour 'replacement' immigration.

... more than half of those surveyed in every country shared the opinion that an increase in foreigners favours the spread of crime and terrorism. In the Czech Republic as many as 8 out of 10 people agreed with this statement...

In Western Germany, more than half of those asked agreed with the statement 'the presence of foreigners is positive because it allows an exchange with other cultures'. In the Czech Republic and Estonia, only 30% of respondents aligned themselves with this statement.

The survey also found a correlation between traditional, conservative views of gender roles and migration. 'The more individuals advocate the traditional position of women in the family, the more they express negative attitudes towards immigrants in all countries studied,' reads the report.

... An overwhelming majority of respondents in six countries (all but Austria and Poland) said that foreigners who have not integrated after five years should return to their country of origin...

Most of those surveyed were against involvement in political life and the decision-making process via voting rights as a means to integration. Only 48% of Finns questioned thought that voting rights should be conferred after five years of residence, while the figure sank to 20% for Hungary.

'This meaning of integration and the prevalence of agreement that non-integrated foreigners should return to their own country, which cut across all countries irrespective of the lower or higher levels of xenophobia observed, appears to leave little scope for the policy discourse of multiculturalism as egalitarian mutual adaptation,' warn the project partners...

Pew Poll: widespread concern about immigration

April 2007

The publics of the world broadly embrace key tenets of economic globalization but fear the disruptions and downsides of participating in the global economy. In rich countries as well as poor ones, most people endorse free trade, multinational corporations and free markets. However, the latest Pew Global Attitudes survey of more than 45,000 people finds they are concerned about inequality, threats to their culture, threats to the environment and threats posed by immigration. Together, these results reveal an evolving world view on globalization that is nuanced, ambivalent, and sometimes inherently contradictory.

There are signs that enthusiasm for economic globalization is waning in the West -- Americans and Western Europeans are less supportive of international trade and multinational companies than they were five years ago. In contrast, there is near universal approval of global trade among the publics of rising Asian economic powers China and India...

In both affluent countries in the West and in the developing world, people are concerned about immigration. Large majorities in nearly every country surveyed express the view that there should be greater restriction of immigration and tighter control of their country's borders...

Video: another young white life stolen

December 16, 2007
In Memory of Jennifer Ross - Another young White life Stolen from us by multiculturalism & 'diversity' America USA

Hans Jansen: Islam for pigs, apes, mules and other beasts

March 2008
It seems that Dutch Arabist professor Hans Jansen from the university of Utrecht had enough. Enough of relativism, enough of uninformed people and enough of the over the top cowardliness, especially when voiced by the Dutch government. On his website he announced his upcoming book as “Reading the Koran for unbelievers”. But now with all the idiocy going on in The Netherlands about the Islam critical film Fitna, he seems to have changed his mind. The title of his new book is now “Islam for pigs, apes, mules and other beasts”.

The title of the book is of course a reference to how the Koran speaks about the unbelievers. A book that, so believe the Mohammedans, is the literal and eternal word of god. Thus it’s God him selves that describes unbelievers as either pigs, apes, mules or worse. This is of course, from our Western viewpoint, not a very flattering picture about Islam. But Jansen does want to provoke Muslims. He wants unbeliever to understand the religion, as far as that is even possible if you’re not grown up with these dogmatic teachings. At a very minimum people should at least understand that Islam is in important aspects very different from Christianity...

What parts of the Koran are according to people like Wilders, who criticize the Islam, a danger to the Western legal order?

As good as all parts of the Koran in which unbelievers are threatened with violence (there are many) can be regarded as anti Western by any body.

Every call for the application of sharia, can be regarded as openly voiced support for actions that are contrary to Dutch law and the universal declaration of human rights.

That outsiders are not aware of this, is of course a pity for them, but that does not change this fact. Sharia calls for corporal punishment and dead penalty, also in cases of religious transgressions – something most Dutch don’t even know what it means. Sharia limits the religious freedom, undermines the position of woman and humiliates everybody who is not a Muslim...

The Koran preaches peace. True or false?

True, but that peace will only come about when every body has submitted to Islam. Only then there will be peace. In the mean time, every where on earth evil and unbelief has to be attacked.
More at Will Holland Survive? and Jihad Watch.

Videos: Farm murders in South Africa

May 18, 2007

They've passed through stage 3 of genocide, dehumanisation, and are onto stage 5 - polarisation.

Sky News report on racist farm murders in South Africa

If you dont like the crime in South Africa...

Erdogan warns of terror wave if EU rejects membership

December 13, 2004
RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN, the Turkish Prime Minister, has told European Union leaders that they will pay a heavy price in continued and escalating violence from Islamic extremists if the EU rejects Turkey as a member and confirms itself as a Christian club.

“Accepting a country that has brought together Islam and democracy will bring about harmony between civilisations. If, on the other hand, it is not welcomed, the world will have to put up with the present situation,” he said, referring to terrorism by such groups as al-Qaeda — whose local affiliates hit Turkey last year, bombing the British consulate and three other targets in Istanbul.

“That is the very clear and present danger and it is all around us today. There is nothing we can do if the EU feels that it can live with being simply a Christian club . . . but if these countries burn their bridges with the rest of the world, history will not forgive them.”

Mr Erdogan’s powerful warning came just days before the EU summit that will decide whether to start formal accession talks with Turkey and against a furious European debate about the effects of incorporating Turkey’s 70 million, mainly Muslim, population into the Union.
'Moderate' Erdogan using Al Qaeda to justify entry into EU. Yes, that's moderate.

Amnesty within six months of McCain presidency

Sept 19, 2008
The editors of a pro-open borders, immigration-law website called Immigration Daily argue that McCain will be better for the the open-borders cause than Obama. Here is their reasoning. If Obama is elected, he and the Democratic Congress will have four big, complex prioritities higher than immigration that will consume their attention, so immigration will not be addressed for a long time if at all. If McCain is elected, he and the Democratic Congress will be at loggerheads on most issues. The only major area on which they will agree and be able to accomplish anything will be comprehensive immigration reform. Therefore, the editors conclude, "We expect to see almost all of the original McCain-Kennedy bill become law during the first six months of a McCain Presidency."

Video: Radio Host Beaten, the Bronx

Sep 20 2008
Shocking footage of a US radio star being savagely bludgeoned with a baseball bat by muggers while visiting his children in the Bronx has been released by police.

Pelagio De La Cruz, who hosts a radio talk show in Boston, is yet to regain consciousness after the brutal attack on Sunday and is in a critical condition in hospital, local media report.
Another video here. Some photos here. Yes, we need more African immigration in Australia.

Video: white man waters plants, sprays girls & is killed

July 15, 2008

Video here. And the owner of the video (presumably black) states:
The media is trying to downplay the fact that Mr. Paroline was illegally obstructing/blocking traffic, and that he sprayed two women in the face with a water hose. I am not saying he deserved to be killed for that, but when you start shit, you better be prepared for what follows....
This seems to imply a beating naturally follows an argument by a 60-year-old with a water hose, if the argument is with blacks.

Videos: Benbrika terror trial

Terror Down Under - Herald Sun
Seventh man found guilty - ninemsn
Verdicts given in terror trial - ninemsn
Seventh man found guilty - ABC
Benbrika foung guilty, 4 acquitted - ABC
first recorded terrorist pledge - ABC (audio)
Trial costing millions - ninemsn
Plot to kill John Howard - ninemsn
Panic revealed at trial
Terror suspects 'had manuals'
Terror recordings revealed
Terror trial begins

Video: Indian pizza driver bashed by Asians

September 16, 2008
Braybrook - A pizza delivery driver has been bashed and robbed by two teenagers on only his second night on the job.

Muslims bus ads in Seattle

Sept 18, 2008
Jihad Watch
The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer couldn't be more pleased with the advertisements that the Islamic Circle of North America has placed in buses in Seattle.

Neither paper makes any mention, of course, of the fact that ICNA was named as a “friend” of the Muslim Brotherhood in the infamous May 1991 Brotherhood memorandum that spoke of Muslim organizations in the U.S. as being engaged in "a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Probably neither reporter even knows about this, and neither would probably care -- because it doesn't fit the dominant paradigm of Muslims as victims.

Hijacking Terrorism Studies - Mervyn Bendle

17 September 2008
Dr Mervyn Bendle of James Cook University in Townsville was one of the first people to warn of the dangers associated with Saudi Arabian funding coming into Australian universities. Last week he was the guest speaker at the annual Quadrant magazine dinner, and he focussed on the rise of a new academic field - Critical Terrorism Studies - which treats terrorism as a construcrt of the Western imagination, or else as a rational and justifiable response to Western evil.

ABC radio interview here (mp3). Quadrant speech here.

In his speech on Thursday night Dr Bendle focused on what he says is the rise of a whole new academic discourse in our universities, known as Critical Terrorism Studies. As much as possible it avoids mention of the religious roots of terrorist groups like al-Qa'eda. Instead, it sees terrorism as a construct of the Western imagination, and at the same time, paradoxically, as justified by Western misdeeds.

'In fact', he says, 'such arguments are based on a Manichean view of the world that has prevailed in the West for some 50 years, according to which the West is inherently evil and only the non-West is good, a great amorphous, but intrinsically benign 'Other' condemned to suffering by Western wickedness. Consequently the West deserves to be destroyed and has no moral right to fight back or protect itself.'

Well, in a week when Abdul Nacer Benbrika and six others have been convicted on terror offences in the Victorian Supreme Court, Merv Bendle says in the war on terror, our universities have become a major new battleground, and it is in the universities that the war of ideas is being lost.

Claim Iraq is won proved a lie by admission of refugees

Sept 13, 2008
If the U.S. is "winning," or even "has won," the war in Iraq, and if Iraq is becoming, or has become, a safe, peaceful, stable, free, self-governing society, why are we admitting tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees starting this year?
One refugee advocacy group, Human Rights First, said it welcomed the news Washington had met its target for Iraqi arrivals in 2008 but that the "low" goal of resettling 17,000 refugees in fiscal 2009 should be raised to at least 30,000.

"The number of Iraqi refugees we have welcomed to our shores is still just a fraction of those in need," said Amelia Templeton of the New York-based group. She said the U.N. refugee agency estimated that 85,000 Iraqi refugees from the most vulnerable groups would need resettlement next year.
Ditto Australia's intake of Iraqi interpreters.

Auster: What McCain hath wrought

Sept 10, 2008
Michelle Malkin, with the help of several other women, has produced an in-your-face video that expresses the ugly leftist thing the conservative movement has become as a result of the Republican party's nomination of a woman with a five month old baby to be vice president of the United States. While it doesn't use these precise words, the real message of the video is: "Don't you dare question whether a women with a five month old infant should run for vice president." Not only does the new "conservative" movement declare that there are no limits on the career choices that a mother with small children can make, it prohibits any dissent from, even any questioning of, that position.

Conservatism has morphed into leftism.

I oppose this new "conservatism" with every cell in my body. I will oppose it even if every other conservative in the world supports it.

'Fagin' bringing in foreign thieves

August 25, 2008
A MODERN-day Fagin is bringing teams of professional pickpockets into Australia on stealing holidays, reaping thousands of dollars from their crimes and then sending them back home to avoid police detection.

The organised crime figure uses tourist visas to bring the thieves "on tour" from South American countries including Colombia and Brazil to prey on unsuspecting shoppers...

But they are not the only ones being used for stealing holidays in Australia. International tourists are being targeted at airports by touts who lure them in with promises of cheap accommodation before taking their passports and refusing to return them unless the hapless tourists co-operate.

Auster: McCain 'has no ideas'

September 05, 2008
"Strikingly bad." Those were the words, or words like those, with which commentator Jeffrey Toobin summed up John McCain's speech last night. He said the speech had no theme, no vision, and presented no policies, and was only good in its closing, rousing section. I agree. But this is exactly what one would expect of McCain. McCain has no ideas. He has a couple of pet issues he cares about, such as reducing pork barrel spending, and he has his sense of "honor" and of "service to something larger than ourselves," and he has his delight in messing up conservatives and Republicans. And that's about it. His speech perfectly reflected the intellectual and political vacuity that has characterized his entire career.

Videos: Jared Taylor

Prospects for the New Century, 2000

Here be Dragons, 1996

More at AmRenVideo

Auster: Palin to help McCain legalise millions of aliens

September 05, 2008
And for all you Sarah Palin fans out there, who see her as such a wonderful breath of fresh air and great representative of the "real" America, please understand that your gal Palin will be using her formidable political gifts, including her charisma, her striking female good looks, and her self-advertised pit bull aggressiveness, to help her boss legalize all illegal aliens in the U.S. Is that what you really want?

Videos: solar thermal power

7:30 Report, David Mills Ausra
Going Green 2007 - Ausra
Another 7:30 report (video on the right)
Ausra Media Room - has a stack of videos
ACCIONA - Nevada Solar One video
Solar from 7:30 Report
Radio National (30 minutes into program)

August 2008 - Worley Parsons is acting as a central broker for a range of companies to work up plans to build the world's biggest solar thermal power plant. They hope to have a definite plan by the end of the year.

The adverse effects of mining, QLD

4 September 2008
Patricia Julien
There are around eighty coal mines in the Bowen Basin with more to come at a time when scientists are telling us we face the loss of the Great Barrier Reef and the collapse of marine ecosystems due to acidification impacts if we continue to pump more CO2 into the atmosphere...

The regional development planning group I sit on to represent the environment keeps postponing meetings, because things keep changing so fast.

We have not met for many months. Community consultation on the mines and other developments has mostly deteriorated to a 'check the box' exercise. EPA is understaffed and under-resourced.

Central Queensland - or should I call it 'Coal Land' - has given much and received little back from this mineral exploitation. Enough is enough. Greed is not always good!

NZ: Rudd's envoy to clarify 'EU idea'

September 03, 2008
Prime Minister Helen Clark was the first stop for Kevin Rudd's special envoy to test his idea of a closer Asia Pacific community around 20 capitals in the region...

Helen Clark is thought to be a little sceptical about the announcement of such a major undertaking and that was evident yesterday when she described Mr Rudd's approach.

"I guess to coin a phrase you could put it down to overexuberance and enthusiasm for the task."