New South Wails


Canadian wheelchair user bashed in Sydney

I interrupt my retirement for another 'scum of the earth' report. Details here with sickening video.

'Australian Taleban' fully free

21 December 2008

Yep, David Hicks is now free, with police lifting their strict controls on him.

But reforming David seems to be difficult. He seems to be a bubble boy with infinite regression triggers. Which sounds a lot like the Islamic world in response to attempts to reform it.

Shots fired during fight in Sydney's west, Merrylands


Two boys walking to a party get into an altercation with a group of men in a car. The car returns and fires a gun into the air.

That's life in Merrylands.

Flem Boyz accused of 16 crimes in one month

December 01, 2008
Herald Sun
The report claims young African offenders from the Flemington and Ascot Vale housing commission flats are suspected of committing 16 assaults, street robberies, glassings and aggravated burglaries in just over a month.

Carjacking fails in Windsor, Melbourne

December 20, 2008
Herald Sun

A Porsche driver was boxed in by two cars at the corner of Dandenong and Williams roads. Four men having "dark complexions" wanted.

Sydney terrorism jurers followed by woman in headscarf

December 19, 2008
The Australian
... a woman wearing a head scarf, who had been seated in the public gallery of the court, seemed to be taking notes when one juror drove off.

Video: police shoot knife-wielding woman in Parramatta

December 21, 2008
Videos: Ninemsn and ABC News.

It's hard to make out but it looks like someone of African appearance is involved. Yahoo 7 video says he is a heavyweight boxer and the woman is mentally ill.

Teens in court over violent Perth robbery

December 17, 2008

Video: Yahoo News (no direct link)
"How can they punch a woman in the face for no reason and smash bottles on her – can you imagine what else these kids could do?" he said.
No descriptions but the video shows the grandmother of one accused is a vocal Aboriginal with flying handbag. The victim is Cheryl Harper.

Video: disturbing trend of racism in Dandenong

Dec 16, 2008
ABC News
A report from the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission says Dandenong's Sudanese community is experiencing a disturbing amount of racism.

Men, women clash on Sydney street

December 17, 2008

If you think the title is uninformative, the article doesn't get much better.
Daily Telegraph
POLICE have appealed for information after a man was stabbed in the heart in Sydney's north-west last month.

A group of 10 people were walking along Evans Road, Glenhaven, at about 1.30am (AEDT) on November 1 when they were allegedly confronted by several men and three women.
Hills News sheds some light
AN Annangrove youth, 18, is in intensive care after being stabbed in the chest during a brawl on Evans Road, Glenhaven, on Friday ...

The offender is of Middle Eastern appearance, about 18, 185-190cm tall, with a solid build and short brown hair.
The stories vary a bit. NSW Police has more info. Hills News says the fight was over a Halloween prank.

Video: art imitates deadly life in new Australian film

December 17, 2008
Daily Telegraph
SCENES from a new film depicting the cycle of knife and gun violence of some Lebanese-Australian teens were filmed in a restaurant where a man was murdered this week ...
Parramatta Sun
... Parramatta's Lebanese-born Lord Mayor Tony Issa, one of those who attended a preview of The Combination at the theatrette in State Parliament House on November25, says the film is an accurate portrayal of life in parts of western Sydney ...

The film's subject matter is raw, particularly where the racial tension between the Lebanese and Asian schoolboys and their ''Aussie'' counterparts rears its head ...

The essence of The Combination is encapsulated in Mr Basha's own words: "A world away, streets apart."
But I thought alcohol was to blame for all violence? I'm so confused ...

Video: doctor found guilty of botched UK bomb plots

17 Dec 2008
ABC News video
An Iraqi doctor has been convicted of a plot to commit "wholesale" murder by carrying out bomb attacks last year outside a nightclub in central London and at a packed Scottish airport a day later.